Overcoming False Post WWII Narratives – Paving the Way for Peaceful and Constructive Future Alliances

by Irene Eckert

Part II

Worrying About East and West Confrontation

Albrecht Müller, solitary remaining co-architect of Willy Brandt’s Detente Policy said these days „The worry about a possible war between East and West is turning me over.“

Unfortunately, nobody else in the German political world seems to share Müller’s worries. With present SPD „comrade“ Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Annalena Baerbock, a young Greenhorn leader in the  Foreign Office,  the cold war fire is burning hot.  

Since detente pioneer Egon Bahr, Müller’s erstwhile colleague died in 2015 we have been in serious trouble. Former SPD finance minister Oskar Lafontaine had left office in time before the illegal  NATO war against Yugoslavia  was let loose in 1999 under a Green Secretary of State. Lafonataine’s comrades never forgave him for having jumped off the war machine. His present  charming young wife, Sahra Wagenknecht, quite popular  a politician and qualified for a leadership position has been sidelined  by her own Left Party, too. Who would have thought that with CDU Angela Merkel gone, the political horizon would become more sombre, in spite of a colourful coalition of minority forces in the driver’s seat? The Red-Green-Yellow (SPD/The Green Party/ FDP-Liberals) coalition headed (secretly) by Green Foreign Minister and ‚Young Global Leader‘ Annalena Baerbock is called Traffic Light Coalition.

With Traffic Lights on – Peace and Cooperation off 

Seventy-six  years after the last Great  War politicians  who are committed to  peace and cooperation, capable of rational decision making and acting in accordance with  the majority will of their people are obviously not wanted by the forces who are still determining the  fate of our nation and the course of our foreign policy. Conspiracy theory? Well, even good old  Albrecht Müller’s critical blog „Reflective Pages“ (Nachdenkseiten)  have been recently framed as ‚conspiracy theory prone‘ by Wikipedia. The hint must have come from a well known hidden hand.  The label sticks. But  it has  also turned into a symbol of merit. Unfortunately, however, the majority of our people  might never learn about the true origins of the stigma, even though the history of its  CIA invention it is available.  https://globalfreedommovement.org/in-1967-the-cia-created-the-label-conspiracy-theorists/

Forces behind the Scene: War Profiteers

Forces acting behind the screen of the officially licensed political show business do exist.  This  is well documented  as far as the nefarious role of the  „Dulles Brothers“ in European but also in world politics is concerned. I recommend reading Stephen Kinzer , „The Brothers“  or even more fascinating David Talbot „The Devil’s Chessboard“ (2015) to those who want to understand the true picture.

The nefarious  activities of political monster puppets  like Allan and Forster  Dulles and their sister Eleanore can be studied in these books. US grey eminence Alan Dulles had been meddling efficiently for his masters in European affairs even before his country got involved in WWI. The attorney and later partner of  Sullivan & Cromwell, an OSS double agent, first  director of the CIA kept an office  in the Suisse capital in Bern during the entire NS period.

The meddling of Allan Dulles and his likes  in Germany’s post WWI and WWII  policies  was exercised on behalf of very  powerful US and British circles who desperately wanted the country to remain a bulwark against the Russians.  Such a bulwark as they had helped to build  during the NS regime.

President Roosevelt, who had other plans and who knew how to co-operate with his Soviet counterpart Stalin in a constructive way didn’t survive the end of the WWII. He died unexpectedly but  very timely, on April 12th in 1945. Stalin, the leader of the victorious Red Army died a premature death, too, in 1953. That was  just after his country had sent various proposals for a peace treaty with Germany and the democratic unification of a neutral Germany. Such a unified country in the heart of Europe would refrain from adhering to any military alliance.

No National Pride For Enemy Nations

 With Roosevelt gone and Truman together with Churchill (secretly)  in the lead, Germany was treated as ground zero. Their PR agents  called  ‚Hour Zero‘ over Germany.  The occupied nation would have to  be entirely deprived of its  rich cultural heritage. The  collective memory of  an erstwhile cultural nation was to be erased completely and with it  the  remembrance of its elite’s  entanglement with the NS regime would be elegantly wiped out, too. We see here an interesting parallel with Hitler’s  bombing of Serbia’s National Library on April 6th in 1941. Official reasoning: The Serbs had to be deprived of their national pride. In 1999 Germany under a Red-Green Coalition participated under US tutelage in bombing Serbia back to stone age.  The destruction of beautiful German cities like Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg has to be seen in the same light: Destruction of national pride, humiliation of an entire nation, no cultural coherence tolerated, „divide et impera“ (devide and conquer). The age old imperial tool to prevent social cohesion and the force to resist.

No Liberation, no NS-Fascism  – only  disposable Monsters like Hitler and  Stalin

The continuation of  barbaric war crimes, crimes against humanity on a global scale can only be explained by the fact, that fascism was never defeated. The true originators  have not been identified. They continue unhindered to play their dirty, their  devilish game. It was in their interest that liberation from Nazi-fascism was not put on the agenda for the West-German post-war generation.  The term fascism even was ‚a no go‘ in the West soon to be replaced by a newly framed phrase. The notion of  totalitarianism allowed to  treat Hitler and Stalin as equal brothers in crime. Socialism was to be identified with Naziism. In fact the branding „National Socialism“ has been a sinister  PR gag. NS  stood for  the exact opposite.  National Socialism was neither national nor in any way social. Their declared enemy was ‚Bolshevism‘, their frame for Socialism. Those circles whose interest the Nazis served would would forbid the  F-term (for fascism) and stigmatised it as an invention of  the Soviets in the  GDR. Western post war kids were taught  nothing about „fascism“, not even the word.  Nor did they learn much about the NS regime or the war. For us history ended with the „outbreak“ of WWI.   With the defeat of the German Wehrmacht fascism was  buried, Hitler’s suicide completed the thing. The NS-propaganda-machine  disappeared with its chief commander Joe Goebbels and his entire family.  The  SS machinery was disposed off  with Reichsführer SS Himmler and Reichsminister of Aviation Goering. The allied death sentence that wanted them hanged was  much too humiliating for their kind. Thanks to Allan Dulles and his gang the convicted war criminals  were  provided with Cyanide and the table was cleared. 

So far the official of story. However, apart from the death sentences executed on a few prominent NS figures, the opposite of what we have been told was going on in the real world.

Chief proponents of the NS apparatus like Reinhard Gehlen and SS-General Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff  were eager to  continue portraying the  Russians as evil. Prominent Nazis  would  provide a  helping hand to the US shadow government. The age old Russian enemy image of a thousand years needed just a little brush up. Joe Goebbel’s brainwashing machine had done a good job by tattooing the black legend into my people’s flesh. The  facets of the enemy image were not always easy to be recognised. In the first post war moment the picture of the Russian rapist  would be  a useful  tool to  blacken the image of the  liberator. Undisputably, the Russians had come as liberators, not as conquerors.  The Red Army had defeated the German Wehrmacht at Stalingrad, they had opened the gates of Auschwitz and exposed the crimes committed there. The Soviets had not bombed German cities. The Soviet  youth had paid a heavy death toll in the Battle for  the liberation of Berlin. First thing they did after the fighting was over was  to repair the infrastructure that their allied colleagues and the Nazis themselves  had destroyed. The commander Nikolai Bersarin saw to it that  the  starving Berliners were fed.  However, with experienced propaganda specialists at hand you could even teach the  exhausted city dwellers that snow was black. With a well oiled media machinery at your disposal it was an easy job to reconfirm any myth about the eternally evil  Russians:  They pulled an Iron Curtain across Eastern Europe, they imposed a hunger blockade on Berlin and they divided our country by imposing a totalitarian regime onto East Germany (and the rest of Eastern Europe).  The GDR, an answer to the creation of the separate Adenauer state, was stigmatised and belittled as „Eastern-Zone“ and denied recognition until Willy Brandt’s Detente Policy bore finally fruits in the early seventies of the last century.

In the Meantime we, the People  Drank the Poisonous Black Milk of Propaganda

As a result of the most secret sinister agreements between high ranking Nazis  and the  Dulles siblings, my generation was breastfed with  mental poison, we were made to drink  their black milk of propaganda. And we drank it at dawn we drank it at dusk and  we still drink it at noon in the morning we drink it at night we drink and drink …. (See Paul Celan’s Death Fugue, A Poem on Auschwitz)

Due to  such  poisonous nutrition  under  creepy circumstances and the  given balance of power, the enemy image coined by NS-creatures  and their supporters would re-emerge  soon after their physical  disappearance.  Our great poet and dramatist Bert Brecht expressed the looming danger in 1952:  „The womb was fertile still that had brought forth such beasts’. (Arturo Ui)

In contrast to the AngloAmerican programme in the West, which had pushed aside the Potsdam Peace Agreements of Summer 1945 the  Soviets in their  administrative Zone of East Germany tried hard to pinpoint the true perpetrators of the war and to erase the spirit that the Barbarians had left. In the meantime my generation was artificially and effectively cut off of ties with the other half of the country, where the rest of our family lived. While political leaders like first GDR Prime minister  Otto Grothewohl encouraged the young generation to follow Friedrich Schiller’s  legacy by reminding them that „The dignity of men is laid into your hands and it is up to you now to upkeep and cherish it.“

In the Western two thirds of a nation these efforts were either silenced completely or belittled or denounced as pure hypocrisy. We kids in the West to took it for granted that  as good citizens to be we had to knit woollen socks for our allegedly suffering brothers and sister in the Soviet ZONE.

War Mongers Profiting From Building Another  Bulwark Against Russia

For Allen Dulles  and his employers the staggering sacrifice of the Russian people against Hitler’s war meant nothing, for him even  US president Roosevelt was a  dirty „commie“. So it seemed natural for him to conspire with vicious individuals such as Reinhard Gehlen former head of the NS spy network „Fremde Heere Ost“ whom he installed in Pullach near Munic doing the same as before, but now under US army auspices. In 1956, after the FRG entry into NATO, Gehlen was promoted to direct the BND in Bonn, the first foreign German security agency. Comparable cabal  was forged with  SS-General Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff  high ranking German SS functionary also chief commander of the Southern Army with whom a separate peace accord was signed, contrary to official US-Roosevelt policy. 

The restoration of West Germany as a bulwark against former WWII ally  USSR under their US/NS terms was well under way before even WWII had ended.

War needed no longer  to be declared,

but rather simply was continued. The outrageous

has  since become the everyday.  

This is how poet Ingeborg  Bachmann felt in 1952 before she received a stipend from the Ford Foundation in the Sixties  and before she participated in a summer seminar led by Kissinger at the Harvard University in 1955. In 1957 she still had the courage to oppose the nuclear armament of the West German Bundeswehr in an open letter and was viciously accused for having done so by Hans Weigel in the literary magazine „Akzente“.

 In the same year  as Bachmann’s poem of the eternal warfare appeared, Bert Brecht  expressed his concerns in a more activating tone ;„Let us repeat the warnings and if they are like ashes in our mouth, because humanity is confronted with wars compared with them the last ones are like poor efforts and they will come undoubtedly if the hands of  those who are preparing for them are not laid in chains.“ (1952)

Brecht, now living in Berlin, capital of  the GDR had been  exiled in the US had and  become a victim of the McCarthy witch-hunt. The  author of the anti-war play „Mother Courage“ in the tradition of Friedrich Schiller’s Wallenstein,  written in 1939 had raised his voice for the  Stockholm Peace Appeal and its initiator  the World Peace Council. On 15 March 1950,[1] the World Peace Council approved the Stockholm Appeal, calling for an absolute ban on nuclear weapons. The appeal was initiated by the French physicist, communist and 1935 Nobel laureate in Chemistry Frédéric Joliot-Curie. About two weeks after the start of the Korean War, the initiative’s first publication called Peacegram claimed that the appeal has already earned 1.5 million signatories. The list of notable signatories was impressive. It contained names like Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Thomas Mann, to name only a few. The names of those who were funded by the Ford Foundation and by the Congress of Cultural Freedom were not among them.

Brecht was awarded the Stalin peace prize for his work.  This did not help his reputation in the West, where he was stigmatised as a ‚Commie‘ and his great  literary achievements were not given due credit. Time and again, those who have worked for a good cause were labeled and accused of helping the enemy. We see it today as exemplified on a courageous journalist like Julian Assange, as we have seen it in the year before Hitler’s seizure of power with his colleague Carl von Ossietzky. Ossietzky (married to a British  citizen) editor of „Die Weltbühne“, was eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1936 but only to die soon after. The torture during  several concentration camps were too much for the sensitive, brave man. 

Muzzled,  mind cuffed  and fed with the poisonous black milk of propaganda, we the people cannot see the full picture.

As always burning every day issues keep people busy enough so that they cannot escape the meagre nutrition of black milk. Not only the German people but humankind  is being haunted these days by the spectre of propaganda like perhaps never before in history. For the second time severe X-mas restrictions are overshadowing the erstwhile joyful season. Because  the menace of the day is masquerading as a modern form of Black Plague, it doesn’t occur  to ordinary brave citizens  that we might be experiencing just another war scenario. Such kind of hybrid war might be  waged upon us by the same shadow orchestrators, who made us accept the fake cold war scenario .  Muzzled and mind cuffed, and busy to cope with our own every day issues, we are once again  prevented from seeing the full picture. What is even more serious, we are prevented from sharing possible insights with each others to whom we must keep distance now. A completely bought of media scene, equally owned by the  profiteers of the eternal war  machine  is telling us, that all the restrictions are for our own best. The owners and orchestrators of a well oiled PR machine are  hammering the respective  narrative into people’s mind and hearts that serves their purposes. But as President Lincoln rightly put it: „You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.“ And what is most essential, reality and hard facts are hard to escape  people’s attention on the long run. Eventually, we the people will have to spit out the black milk and confront this reality, as hard as it may seem first.

Where there is danger, the healing forces are growing too!

While 99,9 per cent of the global population are presently suffering under suffocating circumstances it is high time for a pause. The X-mas story  reminds us that the construction of a better world will not come from pseudo self declared  elites in Davos or elsewhere and their eternal enemy coining machinery but from the simple men and women at home. People united and  in alliance with those nations who already act in their own self interest cannot be defeated. Those on whom the black milk of  propaganda is lost are growing in number by the hour and they are out in the streets, even without permission.  For those of us victims  who have been breastfed with propaganda and spoilt by relative wealth it may be difficult to accept that the healing forces are to be found where they do not expect them, namely in nations like  China and Russia, their bond of survival, their partnering with Iran and many more in the Shanghai Cooperation. The stance of nations like Russia, China and Iran is easy to understand considering  their past sufferings under the boots of the colonial powers. But with a deeper look at geo-political developments it becomes obvious that these old cultural nations form a powerful bond against a war hawkish imperialist alliance. This is why  they are under specific attack.

In order to remove the dark shadows of black hawkish propaganda it might be helpful to  dig deep into the edifying meanings of ancient myths, like the seasonal one of the newborn child in the cradle. Healing is possible as long as an organism is alive, but it has to come through fruitful wording, through the cherishing of our own lost cultural values.

Since wars begin in the minds of men, it has to be in the minds of men  that the defence of peace has to be constructed.

Winston Churchill, a man of letters would know about the meaning of words and the edifying potential of poetry and culture when he wrote in 1940 that GB was not fighting against Hitler nor  even against National Socialism, but against the spirit of the German people, against the spirit of our great poet Friedrich Schiller, so that this spirit might reappear no more. What the reckless British Premier  had not reckoned with is the creativity of the human mind. Strong and true spiritual  values cannot be wiped out for ever, they are immortal. Churchill’s incredibly arrogant phrase made me curious  to learn more about Schiller’s legacy. I wanted to know why this would be spoiling the  German mind and consequently  threaten the world, so that it had to  be gotten rid off for  ever.

I studied and re-studied Schiller’s work and I found great comfort in doing so. This poet’s and philosopher’s ideas are an enormous contribution for any peoples’ struggle for liberty, for any nation who seeks peace and for any individual who wants to escape the narrowing mindset of a slave.  I feel edified when reading „The heart must be guided by the head.“ in his philosophical letters.

I also  took quite some comfort from the undeniable fact that the  Soviets did never  deny the cultural achievements  of  German poets and thinkers, they knew how to differentiate between the Nazis and the German people. Stalin  is even on record to have coined the phrase: „Hitlers come and go away but the German people is here to stay.“  Billboards with this insightful phrase were put up  by the „Russians“ along the main axes of Berlin in May 1945. The war ridden Russian people wanted peace and stretched out a hand for reconciliation with those who had also suffered – sometimes unknowingly – under the same enemy.The word  PEACE itself was stigmatised  in the West as a Soviet ruse.

Healing through Art Work under the Soviet Occupation

The first German film produced after the  Second World War „Murderers Among Us“ by Wolfgang Staudte (1906-1984) remains an artistic master piece. It was realised in Babelsberg/Potsdam in 1946 and of course had to be licensed by the Soviet authority who administered then the Eastern Part  of Germany. They had insisted, however that the original  ending be changed. According to their policy they wanted a fair trial for the perpetrator and not something that might encourage lynching.

Western Allies Treat German as Barbarians and Despise True Patriots

In the meantime conditions for patriots, democrats and true poetry lovers  in the West remained hostile. Ex-Nazis were cuddled by the Anglo-Americans, the  disposable rest of the German people were scorned as  barbarians. Those who stood up for peace, for democracy, for  cooperation and non adherence to a military pact were prosecuted. They were treated as traitors.The Eastern part of their  homeland, their neighbours, their families  were to be looked upon as enemy land and bonded people.  

Finally the Page was Turning with East Western Detente Period under Willy Brandt

It started with  John F. Kennedy elected to office  in 1961 that  the page  was beginning to turn. This brave US president had the courage to sack Alan Dulles. With the  departure of this creature  the old fox Adenauer  at the  age of 87 finally  had to take his hat, too. This was achieved  in October 1963. But the vicious shadows of men like him and his friend Hans Globke, co-author of the Nuremberg Racial Laws, first chief of Adenauer’s Chancellory were still looming over the geo-strategic theatre. Brandt  had to compromise on essential issues, but this did not prevent him falling over a spy affair. The era Brandt only lasted five years from 1969 to 1974. Schmidt took over and consented to the deployment of new  US nukes on German soil, a decision that would be framed  as the Euromissile crisis.

„Euromissile Crisis“ Gives Rise to New Peace Movement

 In fall 1983 Social Democrat and  ex-statesman Willy Brandt spoke as an advocate  for peace and development in front of a Congress Committee in Washington DC. The left leaning politician had been Chancellor in 1969 but pushed out of office in 1974. Only three years later the so called Euromissile crisis would ignite another huge antiwar movement. The  anti nuclear war spirit reached is highest point in 1983. I happened to be representing the German peace movement as part of a Women’s International League For Peace and Freedom  lobby group, pleading Congress men to outvote the financing of the so called Euromissiles. I was impressed by the ex-chancellor’s speech evoking Hölderin’s insightful verse „Where there is danger, the healing forces are growing, too“.

n deed while the Euromissiles are history, relics of  a peetering out  Cold War era, the influence of a popular momentum on the global political landscape was significant. Politicians like Willy Brandt and Oskar Lafontaine and even writers of Günter Grass and Heinrich Böll’s reputation, both noble prize recipients who had their origins in the above mentioned Group 47 raised their voices now. There was no more  tolerance for new nukes on European soil then.  The popular pressure generated in opposition to the nuclear missiles deployment helped pave the way for another era of disarmament treaties, e.g. the conclusive INF Treaty until recently a testament to the triumph of rational decision making in times of crisis.

Rational Decision Making in Times of Crisis Most Wanted

Willy Brandt  was a politician who earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to strengthen cooperation and to achieve reconciliation between West Germany and the countries of Eastern Europe. His policy was contested by the usual war hawks, but otherwise highly popular beyond the border’s of Germany.  Having been in exile during the Nazi period established his reputation. Like JFK Brandt stood for peace and cooperation and  for a more constructive  commitment to the developing world. 

Detente Based on False Narratives is Unsustainable 

Consequently the enemy image was flattened down during  Brandt’s chancellory, but  the Soviets remained „evil“, the communists  were still treated as a threat to national security and  the  GDR  was still regarded as a totalitarian regime, that needed to be gradually  forced into capitulation as was its protector, the  USSR. The detente policy was  in fact a preliminary stage for the eventual defeat and dismemberment of the Soviet Union and her allies. In so far it was the continuation of a policy forged under US tutelage. Another  chance for better relations was wasted.

Way back in summer 1945, the Potsdam Agreements would have been  a  great opportunity for a real Great Reset in anti-fascist, in peaceful and cooperative  terms.  It was put into oblivion as the Western  „elite“  and their minions  Truman, Churchill and the  Dulles siblings sought it better to warn the Soviet Union by dropping the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima before the ink under the agreement was dry.

Churchill’s Fulton/Missouri Speech of February 1946, only a little later had  wiped out all efforts for a more fruitful and conciliatory geo strategy for a long period of time.

 Only a decade later another consequently speech that one of the Dulles brothers  compared with the longterm effect of a nuclear bomb was to open a Pandora’s Box for the peoples of the Soviet Union and eventually for  the rest of the  world.  There is no solid understanding and forgiveness without the entire truth being brought to the surface. 

Future peace policy makers must analyse the manipulative tool box of framing not only words and narratives but using  character assassination as an effective instrument to kill entire nations by destroying their efforts to build a better society for future generations.

The speech delivered by Chruschtschow at the XXth Party Congress of the CP-USSR in 1956 fit as formidably in the geostrategic plans of those  who did not want peace as did Churchill’s Fulton speech of 1946 . A Great Reset in the terms of their Great Game was their ultimate objective and they almost achieved it. But the age old governing elite is incapable of thinking in dialectic terms. They underestimate the creativity of the masses, the strength of people organised in nation states, the fortifying importance of culture  as  their image of the human being is cynically negative as expressed in Günter Eich’s verse

of man being the enemy of man.

In spite of all the combined efforts of the destructive and war mongering  elite „The day has arrived and  the page is turning and it won’t be for long“. Bert Brecht



Such was the artistic culture supported by the „evil“ Russians, whose young and dynamic first Commander of the liberated city of Berlin, senior general Nikolai  Bersarin first Soviet city commander was killed miraculously in a motorcycle accident while patrolling the premises. His premature death like many others was more than a personal tragedy.

 See War Scares and (Nearly) the End of the World: The Euromissiles Crisis of 1977–198 Joshua Woodyatthttps://www.e-ir.info/2020/05/02/war-scares-and-nearly-the-end-of-the-world-the-euromissiles-crisis-of-1977-1987/

David Talbot „The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, The CIA and the Rise of America’s Secret Government“ London 2015)