President Obama in his recent encounter with President Hollande cannot see a military solution of the Syrian conflict … now. This admission must be interpreted as good news.

Syria is one of hottest spots in world politics at this moment with the Geneva talks going on. We must react as educators, telling the true story behind the conflict and demand an end to terrorism, infiltrated from the outside. The recent massacre committed by such terrorists in the village Maan in the province of Hama cost the lives of of 25 civilians among them at least 11 women. The names of the families affected are documented.

And yet, a military solution is not possible now, says Obama, but he also claims that his country retains the right to conduct a military operation in Syria. Peace workers must therefore ask that this option is taken off the table and that funding terrorism in sovereign countries must be ended.

As long as terrorists are being funded and petted, the talks in Geneva cannot contribute much to stop the violence inside Syria. The so called „coalition“ delegation needs a proper mandate and must be equipped with influence on their terrorist half in order to help stop acts of terrorism inside their country. Or at least we must ask from them to condemn acts of rebel terrorism.

Clearly this is a precondition to peaceful success and peace people must opt for it.

The positive news is that talks take place at all and the government delegation works hard in order to to achieve positive results for their people at home. But to establish peace, two sides much be prepared for it.

Those forces who can not see now that peace will serve their needs, too, are stepping up the pressure on the official delegation with more allegations against president Assad. But who can believe those false accusations? Allegations of his „unwillingness to fulfill the removal of the country’s chemical arsenal within the proposed time frame“ are farcical given the enormous efforts under way to fulfill the agreements to the point and with Syria being assisted by Russia and China in this endeavor.

Let us not allow ourselves to be fooled by the French assistance to the US with a policy based on violence and military interference. Let us examine the wording of their press releases and interpret them in a positive light. The warriors hands are bound. Their destructive efforts based on violence and war have not been successful in the past and will not be so in the future. They do not meet the needs of anyone involved. Obamas attitude may seem ambivalent. But his French colleague Hollande, who stands alone with his back towards the wall will do better to understand the undertones of Obamas declarations with respect to recent diplomatic solutions. Efforts to copy hegemonic efforts in the past, imperial as well as militaristic postures have failed their objectives and have in the end lead to the weakening of the empire.

Official Germany, another superpower in wishful thinking, should also learn her lesson from history, rather than denying or even glorifying the bloody past. If she will follow the triple advice of Munic from Gauck, Steinmeier and von der Leyen, she will eventually stand alone, or left behind with such lame allies that cannot provide the „robust“ support they are being asked for.

More military threats and the policy of sanctions, the policy of creeping genozide, has definitely failed.

The sanctions against Iran will be gradually lifted soon and the same will become true for Cuba, a nation that has been suffering for decades under its crippling effects.

Gradually more people will see the weakening powers of the Western block, and will comprehend the necessity to let go the recourse to violence and war wit reference to the command of the clarity of international law. They will consequently organize in support of change towards DIPLOMATIC SOLUTIONS.

Hollande’s position in his own country has already reached its weakest point.

Let him play a little muscle play side by side with big brother, the nobel prize winner Obama, who on his behalf, seems to have understood the necessities of history, necessities, that demand halting war policy.

Let us take that message home and organize for peace with justice based on the UN Charter. The only lasting peace possible.

Irene Eckert, Berlin

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