We live in post- Orwellian times „War is Peace“

Whereas representatives of European sections of the oldest international women’s peace organization „Wilpf“, assembling in Berlin at the Heinrich Böll Foundation /Schumannstraße 45, March 22nd, 2014 refused to even deal with a draft resolution condemning the violent coup d’etat that took place in Ukraine recently and saying „No“ to the following war hysteria directed against Russia, their International office openly sides with the maidens of Maidan. They posted on their web side :
„We support the Ukrainian women in their efforts to bring order in their country. We support their protest against the occupier-aggression of Russia.“ On March 20, 2014 posted by Madeleine

As a longstanding WILPFER with ample international experience I strongly object to such one-sided, shortsighted positioning. It is our duty to inform ourselves and to condemn violence non discriminately. We must also condemn war propaganda and slandering of nations. Irene Eckert


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