by Irene Eckert

76 years ago our ancestors  joyfully  celebrated the end of the war.  However, not everyone in Germany  or abroad understood that it was above all the Russians who had defeated Hitler and his  fascist regime. But it still remains a historical fact that the Russians under Soviet rule had done the heavy lifting in combating the most powerful and well equipped army of those days, the German Wehrmacht and her allies. It was due to the Soviet people and their collective effort in support of the Red Army that the  Second atrocious  War of a sad century ended on May 8th in 1945. 

The mythical landing in the Normandie unveiled

When the US army landed on the shores of Normandie the battle in the East had already been decided. The Germans had been defeated in Stalingrad.  The memory of mankind is brief. After the victory  the brainwashing machinery continued. Therefore  most people never understood  the satanic  nature of the international forces that had brought fascism  to power and its evil minded twin sister WAR that came with it . The former victims of the NS regime, the democratic intelligentsia in exile, the political opponents who had survived concentration camps did understand this. They felt the liberation most profoundly but  did not only applaud the end of the fighting prematurely.  They knew the battle had not ended yet. 

Many of those who saw the bad moon rising and spoke out against the danger of a new – potentially nuclear – war, like Bert Brecht, happened to  die a premature death. Many of those opposing the re-armament of West-Germany and its joining  NATO fiercely, ended up in jail again under the Adenauer regime. The Communist party was banned in the FRG until 1968 and even then their members were refused access to public services.

Age old tactics of subjugation to be overcome

Today the real old anti-fascist fighters, those who had survived prison or NAZI concentration camps, those in the know are almost all dead by now. New generations seem to have lost the tools of theoretical and historical analyses, tools  that could help them understand the forces of evil and their mechanisms. These mechanisms have  survived for centuries, they keep breading and breading. It is, however, such knowledge, such awareness of the age old tactics which is dearly  needed. Knowledge and awareness can show us out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into. But the knowledge is there, it is available. It can be picked up and used against the perpetrators. But we do have to make sure who the perpetrators  are. They are human beings, they have name and address and they are few.

 These irresponsible actors leading humanity to the brink of self destruction must be pointed out. We, the people, the overall majority are  responsible for neglect of duty, if we are  looking the other side. 

Taking interest in politics is key

„If we are not interested in politics this does not mean that politics doesn’t take interest in us“. What Perikles says  centuries ago is still true. We will become victims of the decisions others will make. We will be forced into slavery, again and again if we are not on the alert.  This time humanity altogether is at stake. The Nazis have exposed how far evil doers are prepared to go in the name of profit.

The situation has become extremely serious again. Some analysts, like the Swiss  Peter König say,  World War III has already begun. But this time the theatre of war is different for some nations, more complicated to see through. It may also have escaped us that others have been slaughtered for years and years, for the WWII has never ended. It all began with in August 1945  against  Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The horror scenario was continued in 1950 against Korea,  1953 against  Vietnam,  against Afghanistan in 2001, against Iraq  in 1991/ 2003, against Jugoslavia in 1999, against  Lebanon /Gaza 2006 ff., against  Libya 2011, against Sudan for years and years, against Syria since 2012, against Yemen since 215.   We  name here  the most prominent spectacles of  this never ending theatre of ‚conflict‘ .   Other than Wikipedia and the US dominated MSM wants it,  none of the above mentioned were  „civil wars“. 

Their true name is imperialist aggression

Postmodern ‚conflicts‘ are media wars in the first place. This time fascism comes  gradually and on slippers.  The Western  world over people have been deprived of their enshrined citizens right without  even fully realizing yet, what is being done to them. Those  in the driver seat have redefine the meaning of  citizen’s or even human rights.  In their understanding  these undeniable rights every individual is born with, according to them can be abolished  in the name of ‚Public Health‘ for the alleged  good of everybody. This false view must be challenged.

We have seen event 9/11. It supposedly led to combatting terrorism at home. I certainly t opened the scenario for  unlimited and undeclared wars.

We have seen Event 201. It provided the smoke screen for skipping democracy. For the  holy sake of public health every single citizen right has been crushed. A virus that affects only a tiny portion of the population seriously, a virus against which there are cures beyond vaccination, serves as a pretext for Draconian measures. Before,  the likes was not even  known during wartime periods. And yet, in spite of strong creative and peaceful citizen resistance, the majority has been manoeuvered into consent.

The Pretexts of Public Health and Climate Threats

This is so, in spite of the fact that millions of lives of people the world over are at stake due to the allegedly live saving policy decisions.  We seem to be nailed between a rock and a hard place. And the next threatening act of the drama is on the horizon. More equally Draconian measure are under way. This time  to allegedly save us from Climate Change. Our children have been seduced into  boycotting school according to Greta’s tune for almost a year. This was a prelude only. Now they are forcibly prevented from attending school in order to  be protected against influenza. Behind the smoke screen of  such protectionism more of the same is being prepared. In reality all this  is done to sustain  the Western hegemon, otherwise called imperialism from falling apart. Those  in power are in fact without a clue. They truly believe they  can prevent their downfall in putting  the rest of the world  in custody. Such  bizarre ideas  will certainly not protect the perpetrators for  going under. On the contrary, they are actively participating in a process of  self destruction. At the same time they are preparing to destroy those nations who offer alternatives.  Those who show ways out of  the dangerous paths  are under attack. But this will never come to fruition. The sooner more people will comprehend, the better for everybody, including those strangely distorted individuals on the top.

All healing depends on the number of people who will quickly  become aware of the sheer fact that the Emperor Has No Clothes.

Every single individual can contribute to help others understand the insanity of the present self destructive  political decisions. These decisions  are not only contradictory in themselves, they are  directed against life. They even  have the potential to lead us to a thermonuclear war scenario by accident.

We have to understand the earnest of the  situation. We must recognise that a dictatorship under the guise of public health  measures is a form fascism. We have to understand that depriving future generations  from available sources of energy is also an act of grave injustice that amounts to genocide. We have to understand that forging  enemy images  eventually leads  to war. BUT:

Citizens the world over  have spoken. They call for Peace – Freedom and Democracy !!! 

They pledge:

  • In commemoration of World War II we will do everything to end the NATO aggressions against Russia, China, Iran and befriended nations!
  • We  demand an end to sanctions that are a from of warfare!
  • We will defend  free speech!
  • We  say NO to any form of hate speech!
  • We resist neofascist organisations, reserve armies of the ruling class even, if they hide in the uniform of Anti-fascists.
  • We strongly  reject the age old stratagem of „divide et impera“ . They will not  divide us nor will they  conquer the world!
  • We will address the issue of infiltrated agents in our  pro-democracy and pro-people’s rights  defence movements!
  • We call on individuals in all legal parties,  especially in the various shades of Red-Green parties to help understand each other  „Whom the Bell Tolls“  and  what  is presently  at stake. It concerns  everybody, them, too.

 Such Citizen’s Calls are incompatible with right wing policies

Might does not make Right

The new citizen  movements, civil rights movements are incorrectly labeled „populist“,  „right wing“ or even „fascist“. This is false. This is bullshit. Stigmatising those who speak out in defence of democracy, for  ‚people’s‘ power as „populists“ makes sense only for those violators of people’s rights. Right wing historically stands  for violence, for repression, for depriving citizens of their basic constitutionally guaranteed  rights.  Right wing has always stood for the  power of the few  over the many. But might never makes right. Democracy is incompatible with elitist power.

Defending civil rights  and commitment against  War historically belonged to the LEFT. The original West-German „Basic Law“ – de facto the  German constitution  – is a good document in so far as  it provides the  legal groundwork for good governance and good citizenship.  Not only does it guarantee basic democratic rights, it obliges our political leaders to uphold International Law and to  keep PEACE  (Article 25/ 26) and it  includes the right to resistance against those  who try to violate this law in case that other means fail (Article 20,4).

The Communist Max Reimann, Member of  West German Parliament, Member of the „Parliamentary Council“ who drafted the Basic Law once said in 1949: „We Communists object to that Law, because it implies the partition of Germany, but the day will come when we will defend the violation of this very Law.“  And so they did. But today nobody seems to remember  this legacy. Does the Left (Die LINKE, SPD, DGB, DKP) not realise what is being played today?

The political LEFT and the civil rights movement

 When Left politicians questioned the new democratic movement, a movement that  quickly developed in spring 2020, challenging the abolition of basic civil rights, dictated under the pretext  of Public Health, this was a true  tragedy. Whereas the new movement functioned within the framework of the Basic Law (once declared provisional  by the Western allies in 1949) and came out out in its defence, the entire  Left turned  their back on the movement and supported the government. Most of the LEFT are in  support of and even  participate in the aggressive and often violent posture of the alleged „ANTIFAS“ who are similar to the SA hords of Herrn Hitler’s buddy Röhm.

Recently the lawyer and activist  Markus Haintz was aggressed by  a young ‚Antifa‘ woman (!) with green hair in Kassel (Germany) on March 20th 2021.  The police arrested him, not her. There is ample video footage from various angles to proof who was the aggressor. The journalist Boris Reitschuster was attacked by „Antifas“ while filming the people’s protest, commemorating one year of Corona restrictions.

The  IT-entrepreneur  Michael Ballweg, founder of the young civil rights movement  from Stuttgart in Germany  is being suspicioned by  the Left. How can parties  who only criticise  government  measures for being too weak, too late, not comprehensive enough dare to question the motives of the courageous  civil rights activists.

We, the people

We, the people still have a choice. No political affiliation gives anybody   the right to  question the motives of  dissenting  minds,  of free thinkers, of opponents to  government  decisions.   On the contrary  the Left is invited to participate and to  come out in defence of those who criticise  the unheard of repressive government measures and the police state.

The message of May 8th Liberation Day unites  all peace and democracy loving people:

Never again fascism, never again war. 

Friendship with Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, Syria!

Let there be Peace on Earth and let it happen through us.