The Working Circle for Peace Policy who has been hosted by the Peace Association of Turkey as participant of the recent Peace Conference in Istanbul and Antakya, co-sponsered by World Peace Council, wishes to confirm its solidarity with the Turkish Peace Association and its struggle for a peaceful foreign policy, a policy compatible with the standards of democracy and international law. We are with you in your struggle to stop your government’s attitudes of aggression against your neighborly country Syria, a policy which is unfortunately shared by our government and the EU and NATO. As you, we are hoping that the double standards with respect to Human Rights will no longer be upheld. The recent uprising of the people of Istanbul due to the police violence on Gezi Park will make visible to the world that neither a Turkey ruled by Erdogan nor the Western World in general, nor any other country have the right to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria. We need respectively to overcome the undemocratic policies, the violations of our constitutions in our home countries. May peace prevail. Let us join hands for our common struggle. Irene Eckert and Rudolf Palmer for the Working Circle for Peace Policy – r.a. (Board members) Berlin June 2nd 2013