Newsletter- April 15, 2022

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Roving reporter Roving reporter Pepe Escobar (at The Cradle) interviews influential Russian insider Sergey Glazyev about the soon to be introduced Eurasian-based monetary system. „A new monetary system, underpinned by a digital currency, will be backed by a basket of new foreign currencies and natural resources. And it will liberate the Global South from both western debt and IMF-induced austerity.“ 

Australian-based writer, James O’Neill sees the war in Ukraine as having historical significance. „In short, the West needs to win in Ukraine to reverse the disintegration of United States and Europe in the eyes of the world. Such a victory looks increasingly unlikely. The world is undergoing massive changes in its balance of power. The emphasis has shifted from West to East and the speed of the transition has been markedly affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The West is showing a remarkable tendency to completely misjudge the resilience of Russia and the impact upon its own position of so disastrously misjudging the course of events. What we are witnessing is of historical significance. The war in Ukraine truly marks the end of an era. The West should have noted the refusal of the developing world to condemn the Russian move. Its implications will be profound in its effects. Western hegemony has at last been given the proverbial boot. It is not before time.“ 

Former Indian diplomat, MK Bhadrakumar reviews the state of play of the Ukraine War. „In his first extended remarks in nearly a month about the conflict in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that peace talks had reached a “dead end” and pledged that Russia’s “military operation will continue until its full completion.” Putin defined a more limited aim for the war, focusing on control of the Donbass — and not all of Ukraine. Putin reiterated that Russia’s actions so far in several regions of Ukraine were intended only to tie down enemy forces and carry out missile strikes with the purpose of destroying the Ukrainian military’s infrastructure, so as to “create conditions for more active operations on the territory of Donbass.”… „This grim scenario is fraught with the real danger that NATO may increasingly be finding itself at war with Russia in Ukraine. According to Western media reports, elite British and US special forces units are deployed in Ukraine, including servicemen of the British Special Air Service (SAS) and soldiers of the First Operational Unit of Special Forces “Delta” of the US Army.“ 

The Western media tells of Ukrainian military successes. But veteran military man, Col. Douglas Macgregor thinks Russia is winning. (Video)  

Asiatimes‘ David P Goldman can only see a dim future for the American dollar. „Credit Suisse analyst Zoltan Posznar wrote on March 7: We are witnessing the birth of Bretton Woods III – a new world (monetary) order centered around commodity-based currencies in the East that will likely weaken the Eurodollar system and also contribute to inflationary forces in the West. A crisis is unfolding. A crisis of commodities. Commodities are collateral, and collateral is money, and this crisis is about the rising allure of outside money over inside money. Bretton Woods II was built on inside money, and its foundations crumbled a week ago when the G7 seized Russia’s FX reserve.“ „The smart money is walking towards the exit, so as not to cause panic. At some point, the walk may turn into a run.“

John Michael Greer, author and blogger whose work focuses on the overlaps between ecology, spirituality, and the future of industrial society, looks into his crystal ball and sees an end to the „European Age“. Read his fascinating take of peoples and cultures, and how he sees the geopolitics will evolve from today’s war in Ukraine.

Ex British diplomat, Alastair Crooke sees the West’s possible failure in Ukraine could well mean the disintegration of EU and NATO. „Sometimes revolutionary change creeps up upon us by stealth; we only come to appreciate the major bifurcation when we come to notice it, in the rear-view mirror. This is especially so when the those who first pulled the trigger do not fully appreciate – themselves – what they have done. What has been done? In a moment of visceral prejudice, a few ‘Team Biden’ staffers decided to leverage their plan to collapse the value of the rouble. So they hit upon the ruse of seizing the dollar, euro and Treasury bond reserves of the Central Bank of Russia… . The desperation in the West is revealed too, in Europe’s mimicking of the Ouroboros (the ancient symbol of a serpent devouring its own tail and eating itself alive): By deliberately eschewing cheaper Russian commodities, Brussels is courting an inflationary spiral running out of control, and of Europe’s relegation to an economic backwater as its manufacturing base is rendered wholly uncompetitive due to high energy costs.“  

Kevin Barret of the UNZ Review interviews Catholic writer E. Michael Joneson the war in Ukraine. „Dr. E. Michael Jones and I agreed that the current war in Ukraine is a US war of aggression against Russia. Why? Because when the CIA overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014—and replaced him with a junta of neo-Nazi Gladio operatives and neocon-linked oligarchs, turning Ukraine into a knife at Russia’s throat—the US unofficially declared war on Russia.“ (Video)

Veteran British politician and now media personality George Gallowayinterviews Pakistani journalist, Munib Hamid in the hours after Imran Khan had been deposed as Prime Minister of Pakistan. A riveting story of intrigue and last minute moves by the plotters. (Video)
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