Legendary Spy  Reminds of Forgotten Pages of NATO History

The authoritative German media gives German citizens a simple political picture of the world every day, in which the US/NATO/EU fight on the side of the angels against global evil

Rainer Rupp is the legendary Topaz agent of the GDR intelligence service, who made not a single mistake and extracted 10,000 secret documents, including those marked as top secret – cosmic top secret. Thanks to Rupp, NATO had no secrets not only from the GDR but also from the Soviet Union.

Agent Topaz’s undercover activities ended in 1989, when the Eastern Bloc collapsed. He was disclosed after deciphering documentation from the GDR’s Ministry of State Security. Rupp was sentenced to 12 years in solitary confinement in 1993 and was released early after seven years in 2000.

Upon his release, Rupp, in his own words, continued to engage in “intelligence, identifying hidden factors and threats,” but now on the basis of open sources.

“I try to educate people, make them think, point out injustices against them, contradictions in the system, etc. I expose the hypocrisy of politicians,” said Rupp in an interview with security services historian Andrey Vedyaev, published in the Zavtra newspaper.

Rossa Primavera News Agency presents a translation of Rupp’s text from the Tagesdosis podcast, published on May 27 under the title Death and Corruption – NATO’s Genetic Code.

Against the background of Finland and Sweden’s current applications to join NATO, the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization” is being presented in all media channels as the most successful world organization in the history of humanity. This is done through a shameless historical distortion. Deftly ignoring the origins of the alliance and the predatory nature of its founding states, government-loyal German TV channels and newspapers practically “canonize” NATO as a guarantor of freedom and democracy.

According to this narrative, NATO was founded in 1949 as an absolutely necessary decision to defend peace-loving and freedom-loving Western democracies, which were supposedly “threatened” by the communist Soviet Union. Many historical facts were disregarded, such as the fact that the Soviet Union could not pose a military threat to the West after World War II. The USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was exhausted by the war and almost completely destroyed – from the western border to the Urals.

Therefore, immediately after the end of World War II, the Kremlin largely demobilized its military units. Soldiers were needed as civilians, as workers, technicians, and engineers to rebuild villages, towns, industrial plants, and infrastructure – they were wiped off the face of the earth by the Nazis, who carried out the order to leave only “scorched earth” behind when they retreated.

Any half-objective historical analysis shows that after World War II, the Soviet Union had neither the power, much less the intention, to go to war with the West; moreover, behind the Western allies stood the formidable economic might of the United States, which saw no devastation. Moreover, by the end of 1945, the United States had become an invincible nuclear superpower, which had brutally demonstrated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that it would not hesitate to use new weapons of mass destruction to annihilate the civilian population of the cities.

The average German citizen knows nothing about this historical context of NATO’s creation. To do so, he would need, for example, to attend such exotic events as the European Peace Conference, which was held in Berlin on March 14-15, 2009. Discussing the current US efforts to make NATO an auxiliary force of the US Armed Forces in global operations, researcher Peter Strutynski from Kassel, for example, reminded the audience that the rationale for NATO’s creation was completely made up out of thin air.

So-called authoritative media such as ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandfunk and other disinformation specialists in the German media jungle daily give German citizens a simple political picture of the world in which the US/NATO/EU fight on the side of angels against global evil, just as they are doing now on the side of Ukrainian angels against the evil Putin.

Evil always appears in the US/NATO narrative in the form of a new “Hitler,” and always in such countries that in self-destructive delusion do not adhere to the “rule-based world order” created by the US. Therefore, the US/NATO should assist these countries with humanitarian military interventions to overthrow their governments so that the country can subsequently return to the community of peaceful, democratic states of the West, or, if necessary, be accepted into it.

However, if we look behind the shiny facade of high moral goals proclaimed by the US/NATO, we see the ugly mask of mean imperialism, which all over the world, under the guise of words like freedom and democracy, brings only death and ruin to people.

This becomes clear to anyone who looks at the actions of the most important founding states of the North Atlantic Alliance between 1945 and 1949. In this way, we shall find that the noble myth of the founding of NATO, cherished by all, is a very blatant lie! But the founding countries of NATO have good reasons for using propagandist frenzy and hiding what they were doing between the end of World War II and the founding of NATO.

Uncle Sam’s dream of conquest and carnage – caused by reading the Jingo newspapers by Udo Keppler, 1895.

The most important founding countries of NATO were the dying British Empire and the rising superpower, the United States, which was preparing to follow in the colonial footsteps of the British. The colonial powers of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal also played important roles. The smaller Scandinavian states of Denmark, Iceland and Norway, as well as Luxembourg and Italy, participated, but, like Canada, had little influence in NATO. The overwhelming and dominant partner in NATO was the United States.

At the time, these colonial states waged bloody repressive wars against national liberation movements around the world. They did not shy away from any cruelty, they arranged mass executions, as, for example, French military did in Algeria. Conducted massive punitive operations in the form of bombings and artillery shelling of civilians in the villages.

Thus, death and destruction are embedded in the genetic code of NATO from the very beginning. 77 years ago, exactly at the end of the Second World War in Europe, on May 8, 1945, tens of thousands of Algerians marched in the French colonial department of Algeria under the slogan “Algeria for the Arabs” for “equality and independence”.

Violent clashes broke out with the French authorities, who carried out total repressions. French police and military units were supported by French colonial self-defense units. On May 8, 1945, the Algerian city of Setif and the neighboring towns of Guelma and Herat became the scene of a massacre. With incredible brutality, tens of thousands of Algerians were shot or executed using other means.

In addition, the French army organized submission ceremonies: all locals had to throw themselves on the ground in front of the French flag and repeat in chorus, “We are the dogs.” At the same time, several hundred Algerians were captured and killed even after these planned humiliations.

The civilian colonists also supported the French military in their massacre. According to a police report of the time, one French colonist boasted that he had personally shot 83 Algerians (“merle”). At the same time, units of the French army and navy were bombing, shelling and destroying entire villages one after another.

The operation to “pacify” the Algerians officially ended on May 22, 1945. Today official Algeria speaks of 45,000 dead. It can be assumed that these massacres were the starting point for the no less bloody Algerian War, which began in 1954.

This war put an end to French colonial rule in the country after many years of fierce struggle of Algerian freedom fighters. At the same time, it is worth recalling the First Indochinese War, which France waged to suppress the Viet Minh liberation movement in Vietnam from December 19, 1946, to August 1, 1954.

France was not the only country involved in bloody colonial wars just before joining NATO. Britain launched a 12-year war to suppress the Malay liberation movement in 1948, using 40,000 British and Australian troops and 250,000 local auxiliaries to put an end to the “Malayan Emergency.”

Reports of British massacres are hard to find in Her Britannic Majesty’s official archives. However, it seems reasonable to assume that the British were no less brutal in suppressing liberation movements in Malaysia and its many other colonies than the French were in Algeria in 1945.

Taking the intensifying struggles for independence in the colonies into account, the British introduced the necessary amendments in their Manual of Military Law already in 1914, which laid out the rules for conducting warfare. The new 1914 version clearly stated that these rules of warfare applied only to conflicts “between civilized nations,” and that “they do not apply in wars with uncivilized Sates and tribes.”

The enslavement, oppression, expulsion and murder of entire peoples by the founding countries of NATO took place not only in distant zones on the other side of the globe, but also in Europe. An example of this is the murderous intervention of Great Britain and then the US in the Greek civil war.

NATO’s main propagandists, the US and the UK, intervened in the Greek civil war on the side of the Greek monarchists and reactionaries immediately after Greece was liberated from Nazi occupation at the end of World War II. According to a British MI6 liaison officer in Athens, Greece at the time was no more than a British protectorate.

This situation was caused by the fact that before the Nazi invasion of Greece, the Greek big bourgeoisie and landlords had already gone abroad, mostly to comfortable London. Meanwhile, the left remained in the country and fought for freedom. At the cost of enormous bloodshed, the left fiercely resisted the Nazis during the long years of occupation.

After the Nazi occupation ended, the Greek nobility returned from London and – with military support from the British – decided to restore their pre-war feudal privileges. This was opposed by leftists and communists, and a destructive civil war broke out between the broad sections of the people against the ruling class and its bought and paid henchmen, supported by the British military. When the Greek war became too expensive for London, exhausted by World War II, the US stepped in and took on the support of the Greek reactionaries.

Despite the tremendous support of the Greek people, the leftist forces of popular liberation in Greece had no chance of withstanding the concentrated power of the new American superpower. The reactionary regime in Athens, backed by the US, was able to crush the people and the leftist movements completely. Mass murder, terror, repression and the expulsion of entire segments of the population went on. Those of the surviving members of the People’s Liberation Forces who could not escape to the Eastern European People’s Republics usually ended up in prison camps for many years.

And the founding NATO member and paragon of democracy the USA played a crucial role in the enslavement of the Greek People’s Liberation Forces. The US military even recorded its experience in suppressing Greek resistance in a leadership that later served as a template for waging the US war of aggression against Vietnam.

Officially, US-British intervention in the Greek civil war was justified at the time by the lie that Greek socialists and communists were receiving material support from the Soviet Union. However, this was nothing more than propaganda by the Western powers, as it was later irrefutably proven by archival documents.

In Italy, too, the US sought to suppress the powerful anti-fascist forces that had shown themselves in resistance to local and German fascists. Washington, through its secret services and cooperation with Mafia organizations, accomplished this, but in a far less bloody way than in Greece.

After the creation of NATO, the imperial ambitions of the member countries of the alliance remained as unrestrained as their willingness to cooperate closely with fascist dictatorships. This was the context of the joint French and British attack, together with Israel, on Egypt in 1956 during the Suez crisis, as well as the continuing dirty wars in Algeria, Indochina, Burma and Malaysia, to name a few.

NATO has worked closely with fascist or other dictatorships, both within the alliance (in Portugal, in Greece with the junta of colonels after the fascist military coup, with the military coup government in Turkey) and outside NATO (US-NATO military bases in fascist Spain under Generalissimo Franco). It is also worth noting the willingness of NATO members to use terror against their own populations in European NATO countries as well (the Gladio network is an example), through which leftist movements were crushed.

This is what NATO is made of!

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency