by Irene Eckert

An  Open Letter to the FBI  in Search For  One to Blame for The  Lockdowns

On January 10th  2021 an open letter to the FBI was published blaming the Chinese Communist Party for the presently worldwide lockdown policies.( The letter relies with a few exceptions   on Sino-phobic Main Stream Western Media. It does, however put the finger on  some of the urgent issues accompanying the pandemic policies.  But what is the role of the FBI in this blame game? Which geopolitical context  are  we dealing with? A weak and disputable US president has just been inaugurated under weird circumstances. China bashing runs high. A bond of survival  between China and Russia has been forged under the impression of a more and more  aggressive NATO encirclement. Nato’s  lead nation openly advocates the first use of nuclear weapons.  A US-Sino meeting  took place about a week ago in Alaska. The Chinese have offered cooperative opportunities within the Belt and Road Initiative  for major investment programmes into mega-infrastructure  and space exploring programs, the US part has not very politely answered with accusations and condemnations against the People’s Republic. The climate of animosities against China has risen recently with calling Covid „the Wuhan Virus“ or even the „Chinese Virus“, projecting  the blame  for its consequences on China. More intriguing than the well known China bashing is the fact, that such a lengthy article  has been translated into German and  placed  in full length without proper analysing or questioning its results in a left leaning German online magazine under the title „Das China Tabu“  („The China Taboo“). There is a historic parallel. In  spring of 1956 Khrushchev’s fatal speech  was published first in the  New York Times a supposedly left leaning (liberal) publication. Now, the German publishers do try to  distance themselves from  direct the anti-Chinese stance of the „FBI letter“. At the same time they draw a line between the Great Reset Agenda of the Davos clique and the Chinese efforts to conquer the pandemic. According to Anneliese  Fiekentscher and Andreas  Neumann the Chinese, by doing so have opened the pathway to the anti-humanist Davos project. This  Great Reset Agenda is in deed the  greatest threat to our civilisation and it  is advocated by German Professor Klaus Schwab and his investment banker friend Thierry Malleret under the  title ‚Covid 19 – The Great Reset‘ (published  by World Economic Forum in 2020) and  has been officially launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF) digital meeting on January 25th -29th 2021. Both President Xi from China and the Russian President Vladimir Putin were  participants of that latest Davos summit, but they were the only dissident voices. The billionaires and their well paid underlings believe they can dictate the fate of over 7 million global citizens. The Chinese and the Russian leader joined hands  and expressed in their different ways and with  different focues a  humanist and realist path out of the trap of the bankrupt financial and economical globalist Davos system. (For a comprehensive report see: by Robert Ingraham, January 31st 21)

25 Bio-labs alongside Chinese and Russian Borders 

Obviously the suicidal lockdown policies dictated upon us by a panicking financial oligarchy will  lead to the ruin of not only the middle class but entire national economies will come under the hammer of big tech and big pharmaceutical companies. Of course they will spare no effort  to shift the blame for the unavoidably upcoming financial crash  to their biggest competitor, a publicly declared foe.  In the above mentioned FBI address the  Chinese are consequently  accused for having originated these fatal lockdown policies. The  WHO mostly funded by Bill Gates  applauded the Chinese, consequently the latter must be guilty.  Xi Jinping’s picture appears next to Klaus Schwab, as participant in Davos consequently the Chinese leader must be lying in bed with the German professor and the Davos „elite“.  Assumably China  is complicit with those who are publicly praising  the Covid Plague as a chance for their  ‚Great Reset‘.   It does not seem to matter the China was the first victim of the  invisible enemy Covid 19 that has  haunted the world for more than a year. China might have overreacted, but not only them, others were mostly concerned at the beginning as  „thinking citizens became increasingly concerned by the disturbing matter of the vast Pentagon-controlled bioweapons infrastructure scattered throughout the globe. Bulgarian researcher Dilyana Gaytandzhieva’s reported on the Pentagon’s 25 bioweapons labs– all of whom were conducting billions of dollars of secretive research on new and more virulent forms of viruses, with over $50 billion spent on the practice officially ever since Dick Cheney’s Bioshield Act of 2004 was signed into law“, says Matthew Ehret in June 2011 (see  This was underscored  with Sergei Lavrov saying: “These [U.S.] laboratories are densely formed along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation, and, accordingly, next to the borders of the People’s Republic of China.”

But of course there are also the  winners of the lockdowns,  a tiny elite of profiteurs  who take all the advantage out of the pandemic,  they have a name and an address.  What these men and women  have in mind is the exact opposite of everything that the official Chinese policy has pleaded for in public for  the last 30 years.  

 Reddish Green Deals Romanticised 

But as Schwab’s  and Malleret’s dystopian  ideas  are  framed in a green-reddish discourse many well intentioned people will either fall into the trap of believing  the  „Build Back Better“ project  will save the planet  or they will reject the whole concept as socialism made in China. In reality it is neither.

Too many citizens of the Northern hemisphere have long  been  misguided by the romantic vision of Green policies. Well todo people tend to be  more afraid  of global warming and  climatic change than they are  afraid  of losing their jobs and businesses, so far.  They have been successfully scared by Great Thunberg’s  shrieking cry into panic. These segments of society seem  unaware of  the consequences of the Green Deal policies that are in the same basket as the so much wanted  ‚Great Reset‘ . The idea of social justice seems to have been lost on them.

Efforts like the Brandt Commission of 1977 seem forlorn (

The Presstitude media in lockstep are  intentionally of  no help to educate the public, on the contrary they are reinforcing the already existing panic  mode with Covid 19 and its never ending mutations. Such circumstances created the lust  for Green refreshment which  replaced another great vision of  a world based on a New Economic Order enabling  a more even distribution of wealth. Its first formal endorsement was received in April 1974, when the United Nations General Assembly at its sixth special session committed itself  “to work urgently for the establishment of a new international economic order based on equity, sovereign equality, common interest and co-operation among all States, irrespective of their economic and social systems, which shall correct inequalities and redress existing injustices, make it possible to eliminate the widening gap between the developed and developing countries and ensure steadily accelerating economic and social development and peace and justice for present and future generations.” .

Developing China has always played a constructive role in such United Nation’s guided  efforts and so did the Soviet Union and later Russia. Their nations helped  quietly endorsing forward looking strategies in the interest of the developing world. On the other hand the West under  NATO’s umbrella, falsely called ‚defence alliance‘, kept working hard to fortify the Cold War imagery by blaming the socialist East for all deficiencies in the world. Today socialism is practically identical with totalitarian governance from a centralized authority, repression and human rights violations. Forgotten are the great achievements of the Soviet Union, not only in combatting Hitler but also in developing their backward nations, bringing education and modern industry to peoples who did not even have an alphabet before.  The personal knowledge of the Soviet Union people still have, is reduced to the area of Krushchev, and area of decay.

But an even more profoundly distorted notion of  the humanist nature of socialism grounded in the Bible works when ever China is on the table. It has  always been the declared aim of its opponents to sustainably  destroy the originally positive image that socialism had in the minds of the people. With Eduard Bernay’s manual „Propaganda“ they  had a large array of tools at their disposal. To baptise its most ferocious foes ‚National Socialists“ was one of them.  To open atrocious   wars and killing  the most committed Bolshevists was another. (See the Hitler’s Commissar Order ) The most successful strategy on the long run was to  completely distort the character of the Soviet system from within  after the big War had failed.

The most consequential speech of the XXth century after Winston Churchills Iron Curtain Cold War opening at Fulton Missouri was  Nikita  Khrushchev’s „secret“ speech at XXth  Soviet Communist Party Congress in 1956 . This speech was most probably designed by the same minds as the first one. The wording was imposed on the delegates without a possible discussion  after the official part of the Congress was already over. It appeared first in the New York Times. This imposterous document prepared the ground for the destruction of the socialist world from within. It also had disasterous consequences on the developing nations striving for national sovereignty.

 The Fall of the Wall and the Rise of China

However, while in the West we  witnessed the decay of formerly communist lead countries  after the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,  China  had quietly  been rising on its feet again after Mao’s death in 1976.  It shrugged off the accusations about the Tian’anmen-Square events in 1989. During  the bombing of  Belgrade  for 78 days when  the Chinese embassy was  badly hit  and killed three journalists, the Chinese  protested against the CIA led operation and  continued to work hard in order to rebuild their economy and modernize their country. The world hardly took notice of the re-birth of a great nation.  But during the 80s and 90 of the last century anti-Chinese propaganda focused aggressively on the one child policy of the federal government. Public opinion was  not  allowed  to make the connection between the ongoing global debate in the  1970s  over a suggested  overpopulation crisis, proposed by organisations such as the Club of Rome and the Sierra Club and  forcibly encouraged birth restrictions on the Chinese. Essential credits for economic growth were only given under conditions like  limiting fertility . Two influential books about population concerns, The Limits to Growth and A Blueprint for Survival, were ushered to  Chinese representative while visiting Europe in 1979. ( See and for more in-depth information on the origins of the Eugenic programme see Matthew Ehret

„The fact that the organisations promoting the rise of this eugenics policy throughout Nazi Germany and North America included such powerhouses as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and the Human Sterilization League for Human Betterment (today renamed “Engender Health”) which have all taken leading roles in the World Health Organization over recent decades is more than a little concerning. The fact that these eugenics organizations simply re-branded themselves after WWII and are now implicated in modern RNA vaccine development alongside the Galton Institute (formerly British Eugenics Association), Oxford’s AstraZeneca, Pfizer and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation should give any serious thinker  pause as we consider what patterns of  history we are willing to tolerate repeating in our presently precarious age.“ (Ehret)

As China rose, no credit was given to the successful nation for having  conquered the second place in World economy and become a most important trading partner for the West. No credit  was given her leadership for combating hunger. No credit to her peoples  for  the New Silk Road Project with which they are  offering  the  world  a constructive way out of the ongoing desasterous economic  and financial policies that had already led to the crisis of 2008.

Is China Wagging Davos?

On the contrary, China was branded as evil doer. When the Olympic Summer Games took place in Beijing in 2008 the Western media were full with reports on alleged human rights violations in Tibet. Not much was said about the violent riots that took place there, encouraged by the usual suspects from the outside.  Before Covid broke out in Wuhan, allegedly transmitted from a bat sold at the Wuhan wet market to a human, eating a soup, miraculously riots broke out  in  the ex-British crown colony Hongkong.  The big issue of the pre-Covid days were  ‚human rights violations‘ not only in Chinese Hongkong  but also in the  Uigur province Xingjiang, a Chinese border province with  a mostly  Muslim population. No mentioning in our media about the area being a  hotspot for Islamic terrorist recruitment. And who knows how many exile  governments of Uigurs  exist abroad with  Western support, one of them stationed in Munic, Germany .

Recently leading NATO countries have tightened  their confrontative policies towards Putin’s Russia, which is no longer a socialist country but still became  an official ally of China, headed by a communist leadership. Both countries have not only be challenged heavily in the past, but are presently surrounded by US military bases alongside their very long borders. „The United States spends more on national defence than China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil – combined.“ (“ „The U.S. spent $649 billion on its military in 2018, according to a report published in 2019 by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. That is significantly more than China“  The sources  quoted are Western leaning.  

What profit could China get by attacking the  Western economies through her spearheading lockdown policy, which has ended long ago in China or by supporting the intentions of the Davos’ „Global Reset“?  The Western oligarchs‘ assembly represents a  „globalist“, neoliberal approach which is the opposite of what China stands for. Whereas China does depend on the West as trading partner as much as vice versa. She has offered the Belt and Road (NEW SILK ROAD) Initiative as a way out of the financial crisis. The Chinese strive for cooperation as much as the Russians do. According to official declarations their alliance serves defensive purposes. The two nations are encircled by military bases including 25 bio-labs belonging to  a „competing „nation. Their defence budgets even combined do not match with the US.

Xi is no Davos Man (FT)

The assumption that China is partnering with the DAVO’s clique is based on the crude idea that China has secret  evil intentions while publicly offering a helping hand. While China is the declared foe of those circles  (according to  the Financial Times ‚Chinas Xi Jinping is not a Davos man‘ is rejected by those, who make no secret of their intentions  to govern the world and to enslave humanity. The annual Davos assembly  are declared foes of anything that comes close to socialism, they deprive  people of the right  to  schooling  their children.  Public health care is an anathema for those oligarchs. Their finger pointing to the human rights violations of others is nothing but  hypocrisy.  In Putin’s words one must respond „It takes one to know one“. Why should we trust personalities who drink from Western sources and ask  the FBI for stilling their inquisitive  thirst on China, while stigmatising the Asian nation as bogeyman  for their crooked pandemic?

Yes, we do have to recognise that the Western neo-globalist, imperialist system is broken and it  needs  transforming urgently. But this must take place  in such a way that national spending priorities are re-directed towards large-scale, long term infrastructure building and cooperation with other nations among the multipolar alliance. (Ehret) This can certainly not be done by following the path of the Davos instigated „Covid 19- The Great Reset Agenda“.

As for the FBI appeal: Once upon a time  Khrushchev’s fatal speech in 1956 appeared first in the  The New York Times  supposedly a left leaning (liberal) publication.

Who is benefitting from  the ongoing accusations of  a great nation? We are dealing with  a great culture, a modern society, an important trade partner, a nuclear power allied with another nuclear power, a nation which  is offering cooperation instead of confrontation , a nation which is seeking win-win results. When  will it be understood that a critical mind has to speak truth to power at home? Corruption must be challenged at home and peace begins from within.


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