• Beijing can defend itself against American aggression – Chinese think tank dean

    Washington is taking another shot at building relations with Beijing. The Chinese leader is preparing for a state visit to the US to meet with the new president. But this comes as tensions over the South China Sea continue to boil over. With hostile rhetoric from both sides, where will the relationship head? Last week, we got the American take on where the US and China stand. To get the view from Beijing, we are joined by a frequent adviser to the Chinese government, the dean of a leading Chinese think tank – the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, a participant of the Moscow Economic Forum – Dr. Wang Wen.

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    Sophie Shevardnadze: Dr. Wang Wen, head of the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, it’s‘ really great to have you on our program today, welcome. You’re also a frequent adviser to the Chinese president as we know, there’s a lot of questions to discuss. After a series of threats against China from the new American administration – from starting a trade war, to expelling China from its artificial islands – the U.S. seems to be trying to strike a friendly chord. Is Beijing ready to turn the page and start fresh? 

    Wang Wen: Well, actually, how to deal with the new American Administration – it’s one of the most important missions of China’s foreign policy, and as you’ve mentioned that President Xi and President Trump will meet next week – I think, this will have a very good start point for the new period of the U.S.-China relationship.