Friendly people have been  taking to the streets in masses in spite of being declared as illegal assemblies challenging heavy police forces and in spite of unfriendly weather conditions.

 I am proud of my people, I am proud of all the critical minds who will never be deprived of reasonable decision making. We have (internationally) reached a critical moment. Those allegdedly above us  and envision the world  in a Schwab like Reset mood have  gone way  too far. They will be defeated sooner or later. This weekend has proven to be the success of wonderful team working. Thank you Michael Ballweg, Ralph Ludwig,  all the wonderful lawyers, doctors like admirable Heiko Schöning, all the beautifully cooperating streamers, policemen and women who participated without uniform , everybody who hit the streets and marched for endless hours.  We are one family of warm hearted, responsible minded human beings. First analyses here in German