Trump at One Year: His Fate May Hang on What He Does Next About Immigration JAMES GEORGE JATRAS


 | 19.01.2018 | FEATURED STORY When in 2016 Donald Trump mugged the bipartisan political establishment in the United States, there were three issues that put him beyond the pale: Rejection of the globalist meddling, mindless confrontation with Russia, and interventionist wars of Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., and Barack Obama in favor of aAmerica First nationalism – …

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Die Massen wollen keinen Krieg  – Kriege werden uns aufgezwungen


Kriege werden gemacht von Dieter Sprock «Die Massen sind niemals kriegslüstern, solange sie nicht durch Propaganda vergiftet werden.»1 Albert Einstein Die Geschichte der Menschheit ist durchzogen von Krieg und Gewalt. Die Liste der Kriege seit dem Altertum ist schier endlos, und das Ausmass an Zerstörung und menschlichem Leid, das durch Krieg verursacht wurde und weiterhin …

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BRIAN CLOUGHLEY: Big Guns, Better Chow, and More US-NATO Aggression


| 16.01.2018 | FEATURED STORY A headline in the US military magazine Stars and Stripes last September was eye-catching. It told readers that there were “Big guns, better chow for US soldiers on Russia deterrence mission” in Lithuania. Apparently the guns and chow were provided for the “500 173rd Airborne Brigade soldiers that swooped into the Baltics this month on …

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Protecting the Belt and Road Initiative From US-Led Terrorism: Will China Send Troops to Syria?


FEDERICO PIERACCINI | 09.01.2018 | FEATURED STORY An interesting theme concerning Syria is the involvement of the People’s Republic of China in the conflict. While China’s diplomatic and economic assistance has been constant, its military contribution to Syria is less known. It is important for China and Russia to contain and defeat the terrorist phenomenon in the Middle East, …

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WaPo’s Editorial War on Russia by Stephen LENDMAN


EDITOR’S CHOICE | 13.01.2018 The neocon Washington Post is a CIA house organ, serving its pure evil agenda, its targeted assassinations, its orchestrated color revolution attempts to topple foreign governments. William Blum once explained why they’ll never be a coup in Washington – because “there’s no American embassy there.” In its latest assault on Russia, the …

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Putin: Turkey not responsible for drone attack; Russia knows who was by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS


Russian President calls drone attack “provocation” aimed at causing rift between Russia and Turkey January 12, 2018, 05:054.7K Views Russian President Putin has now made his first public comments about the drone attack in Syria against Russia’s Khmeimim air base and Tartus naval base, which took place on 6th January 2018. In these comments – made whilst meeting …

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Democrat Senators publish a deeply disturbing and profoundly racist report about Russia


Report shows a frighteningly high level of paranoia about Russia at the highest levels of the US government by ALEXANDER MERCOURISJanuary 12, 2018, 20:46666 Views  In the aftermath of Russiagate a group of Democratic Party Senators have published one of the most bizarre and disturbing reports ever to issue from the US Senate.  The best way to summarise it …

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ALEXANDER MERCOURIS Evaluating One Year of Donald Trump’s Presidency


Donald Trump’s achievement: getting through his first year as President Trump successfully withstood the most sustained attempt to eject a newly elected President from office in US history by ALEXANDER MERCOURISJanuary 2, 2018, 21:173.6K Views 5Comments FacebooTwitter As 2018 begins Donald Trump has reason to be satisfied. He has survived his first year in much better shape politically …

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Why the decline of the US empire is irreversible by ALEX CHRISTOFOROU


The Next Empire January 2, 2018, 11:423 The end of dollar hegemony, a new SWIFT system, and a new central bank, are all contributing factors towards the rapid decline of the US empire and the rise of The Next Empire as explained by International Man… Throughout history, political, financial, and military leaders have sought to create empires. Westerners often think …

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