International Women’s Day 2021: Edith Ballantyne on Women and Peace

Edith Ballantyne

Thank-you very much Edith, for this gracious gift for  International Women’s Day 2021 Edith Ballantyne on Women and Peace Posted on 6 March 2021 Edith Ballantyne, fast approaching her centenary, has invested much of her life in advancing policies essential to a world free of injustice, patriarchy, militarization and market-driven neo-liberalism that favours the wealthy, is disastrous for …

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No More Brainwashing Into Fascism* and War!


We Resist! By Irene Eckert-Palmer, March 12th 2021 ” It would be difficult to overestimate the extent to which liberty and democracy in the United States are currently endangered …” Albert E. Kahn, Treason in Congress, April 1948 .”..  mankind is threatened with wars, compared with which the past  ones look like poor attempts and they will come without …

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May Peace Prevail: Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future


Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future and You Matthew Ehret Mar 9 During the course of a recent speech held at a Moscow Parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of WWII, the following call to action was made by Russia’s leader: “We understand how important it is to strengthen friendship and trust between nations, and are open to …

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New Silk Road/ New Deal Against Fascism and War?

Xi and Putin

New Revelations Shed Light on the British Roots of the Deep State by Matthew EhretFebruary 28, 20211.1kViews mments Originally published on the Canadian Patriot Review On February 4, 2021 an incredible array of original documents were published online anonymously featuring the largest array of evidence that British Intelligence, GCHQ and MI6 operating through a multitude of front organizations like …

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The Art of Being a Spectacularly Misguided Oracle By Pepe Escobar

misguided oracle

1174 ViewsFebruary 22, 2021 4 Comments ´ first posted at Asia Times The late Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski for some time dispensed wisdom as an oracle of US foreign policy, side by side with the perennial Henry Kissinger – who, in vast swathes of the Global South, is regarded as nothing but a war criminal. Brzezinski …

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Über die handlungsbestimmende Bedeutung begrifflicher Klarheit VON IRENE ECKERT


Wer das Ziel kennt, kann entscheiden; wer entscheidet, findet Ruhe; wer Ruhe findet, ist sicher; wer sicher ist, kann überlegen; wer überlegt, kann verbessern. Konfuzius  Es verwirrt mich immer wieder, dass unsere Denkansätze und Gewichtungen  trotz scheinbar gleicher Ziele des öfteren so sehr auseinander zu laufen scheinen. Ich möchte  daher meine Überlegungen dazu (noch) einmal verschriftlichen. Dieses auch …

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Rainer Rupp: Kommendes Militärbündnis China -Russland?

d Militärpakt?

Quelle: Reuters © SputnikReuter/SputnikEnge Verbündete? (Symbolbild) RusStrat: China bietet Russland offizielles Militärbündnis an 10 Feb. 2021 16:51 Uhr Nachdem sich die “strategische Partnerschaft” zwischen Peking und Moskau viele Jahre bewährte, wäre ein Militärbündnis die logische Fortsetzung der immer enger gewordenen politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Kooperation und Abstimmungen zwischen den beiden Ländern. Laut dem Moskauer Institut für …

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BRICS: Alternative to Future Battleground in Canada and the Arctics

Arctic Crisis

by Matthew Ehret February 9, 2021 The future battleground which Canada is being prepared to set up is to be found in the Arctic, Matthew Ehret writes. As relations between the USA and Russia continue to fall ever deeper into the abyss, and as China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to evolve deep into the …

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