Why Russia Won’t Invade The Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else by The Saker


20241 ViewsDecember 06, 2018 121 Comments (this article was written for the UNZ Review) The AngloZionist propaganda machine is constantly warning us that Russia is about to invade some country.  The list of candidates for invasion is long and ranges from Norway to the Ukraine and includes the Baltic statelets, Poland and even countries further West.  …

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  FEDERICO PIERACCINI | 26.12.2018 | WORLD / MIDDLE EAST| FEATURED STORY Trump Pulls Troops Out of Syria in Desperate Attempt to Save His Presidency, Causing Geopolitical Earthquake   On December 19, Donald Trump announced in a Twitter message: “Our boys, our young women, our men, they’re all coming back and they’re coming back now. We won”. Shortly thereafter, Pentagon …

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Weihnachtsbotschaft 2018: Stoppt die Russlandhetze!


Im Namen Christi sei Frieden mit dem großen Nachbarn Russland Der nahende Winter meint es vorläufig freundlich mit uns. Die trockene Kälte erleichtert die Weihnachtseinkäufe. Die nähere Welt scheint in Frieden zu ruhen. Bescheidene Bedürfnisse einfacher Leute im Lande sind abgedeckt. Und dennoch: Trotz überfüllter Regale und jahreszeitlichem Gedudel ahnen die Menschen auch in unserem …

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New Silk Roads Merging into Greater Eurasia by Pepe Escobar


Russia is keen to push economic integration with parts of Asia and this fits in with China’s Belt and Road Initiative  (cross-posted with The Asia Times by special agreement with the author) The concept of Greater Eurasia has been discussed at the highest levels of Russian academia and policy-making for some time. This week the policy …

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Berliner “Sicherheitskonferenz”: Kriegsvorbereitung

Berliner Sicherheitskonferenz

Dämonendämmerung: Krieg gegen China und Russland – NATO-Pläne werden konkreter von Jürgen Cain Külbel Quelle: www.globallookpress.com Eine Panzerbesatzung der U.S. Army M1A1 Abrams während der Übung Combined Resolve XI an der Seite eine Reihe von gepanzerten Fahrzeugen der ukrainischen Armee, Hohenfels, Deutschland, 10. Dezember 2018. 1.2K19 USA und NATO wollen Deutschland in einen sinnlosen Krieg …

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France in Turmoil… Blame Russia!


  Strategic Culture Foundation 14.12.2018 | EDITORIAL Well, what d’you know, regular as clockwork, Russia is being blamed – again – for “sowing social division” in Western states. This time, it’s the ongoing nationwide public protests in France against economic austerity which some Western media outlets have claimed are being “amplified” by Russian influence. One of the …

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Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC


FEDERICO PIERACCINI | 12.12.2018 | WORLD / MIDDLE EAST| BUSINESS The decision by Qatar to abandon OPEC threatens to redefine the global energy market, especially in light of Saudi Arabia’s growing difficulties and the growing influence of the Russian Federation in the OPEC+ mechanism. In a surprising statement, Qatari energy minister Saad al-Kaabi warned OPEC on Monday December 3 that his country …

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The American-led world system is experiencing setbacks at every turn. 


Seven Days of Failures for the American Empire  Federico Pieraccini 1,859 Views Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation: On November 25, two artillery boats of the Gyurza-M class, the Berdiansk and Nikopol, one tugboat, the Yany Kapu, as well as 24 crew members of the Ukrainian Navy, including two SBU counterintelligence officers, were detained by Russian border forces. In …

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10 Jahre nach der Operation „Gegossenes Blei“ von Irene Eckert


Über Merkels DDR-Vermächtnis, ihre ‘Menschlichkeit’ und die deutsche Staatsraison  Frau Merkels Menschenverachtung kein typisches DDR-Produkt Wie menschenverachtend die Politik  von Frau Merkel seit Jahren ist, wurde – trotz des gegenteiligen Anscheins in Sachen Flüchtlingspolitik spätestens im Dezember 2008 während der israelischen „Operation Gegossenes Blei“ deutlich. Der Merkelsche Mangel an Ethik trat damals in aller Deutlichkeit …

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France’s Meltdown, Macron’s Disdain by Guy Millière, University of Paris

Emmanuel Macron Attends People's Day Of Mourning In Berlin

The “yellow jackets” [protestors] now have the support of 77% of the French population. They are demanding Macron’s resignation and an immediate change of government.  The Duran Authored by Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute: On November 11th, French President Emmanuel Macron commemorated the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I by inviting seventy heads …

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