U.S. on Wrong Side of History – Lining up with Dictatorial Gulf Monarchies by Bruce Gagnon


This is what it has all come down to…. the US and the corrupt, dictatorial Gulf monarchies meeting at Camp David Thursday and agreeing on a plan to flood the Middle East with ‘missile defense’ (MD) systems. These Gulf monarchies are the essential allies of the US in the world now (in addition to a …

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CFR: China Must Be Defeated – TPP Essential to Undermining China By Eric Zuesse


Global Research, May 05, 2015 Wall Street’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has issued a major report, alleging that China must be defeated because it threatens to become a bigger power in the world than the U.S. This report, which is titled “Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China,” is introduced by Richard Haass, the CFR’s …

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How the Senate Armed Services Committee Is Undermining Minsk II


A peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine may be at risk By James Carden The Nation On April 28 three European foreign ministers—Serbia’s Ivica Dačić, Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Switzerland’s Didier Burkhalter—met in their capacities as members of the OSCE’s Ministerial Troika to discuss the latest developments in eastern Ukraine. According to the OSCE, …

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US-backed Criminal Slaughter in Yemen Revealed BY Finian CUNNINGHAM


22.04.2015 | 09:17 Former UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, has given an undiplomatic assessment of the crisis in that country, in which he rhetorically explodes Saudi myths «justifying» the US-backed aerial bombing campaign. The Moroccan diplomat told media at the weekend that the ongoing conflict was a direct result of Houthi rebels having been …

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Washington’s Goal: Destruct and Control


Washington’s Agenda: The Destabilization and Destruction of Syria. “Islamic State” Terrorists Deployed by the CIA Peace Loving People of All Nations Must Speak Out Against this  Madness and Call on Their Governments To Stop Supporting It. Our Goal is to Save the Planet. They simply  will not have it their way. The counter-forces are being …

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“American-Led «Hybrid War*» Being Waged at Full Pelt” Finian CUNNINGHAM


“Atlantic Resolve” : Biggest NATO War Manoeuvres Ever in Europe Lead By US -Unprecedented Propaganda, Economic and Military Aggression Projected at Russia Partner or Pariah? Kerry Calls Lavrov for Help ByFinian CUNNINGHAM | 09.04.2015 | 00:00 Reading the Western news media is like swimming in a goldfish bowl. News one day gives way to some …

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Die EU laviert zwischen den USA und Russland von Pepe Escobar


Information Clearing House Das Minsk-2-Abkommen zeigt de facto, dass die führenden europäischen Mächte Deutschland und Frankreich aus dem “US-Chaos-Projekt” aussteigen wollen Mit dem Versuch, den “Westen” gegen Russland aufzuwiegeln, ist es Washington sicher gelungen, in einer bereits gebeutelten EU mit ein wenig zusätzlichem Chaos – womit auch sonst? – noch mehr Unruhe zu stiften. Die …

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Pepe Escobar: Eurasian emporium or nuclear war?


EDITOR’S CHOICE | 08.04.2015 | 08:49 A high-level European diplomatic source has confirmed to Asia Times that German chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has vigorously approached Beijing in an effort to disrupt its multi-front strategic partnership with Russia. Beijing won’t necessarily listen to this political gesture from Berlin, as China is tuning the strings on its …

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Video: Der IWF unter Lupe- Zweifel am System und seinen kriegstreibenden Medien


“Der Zweifel wächst” KenFM im Gespräch mit: Ernst Wolff – “Weltmacht IWF” im Niedergang begriffen… KenFM im Gespräch mit: Ernst Wolff – “Weltmacht IWF … Veröffentlicht am 05.04.2015 Um das Chaos am Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges neu zu ordnen, für globalen Wiederaufbau und damit Stabilität zu sorgen, entstanden 1945 Organisationen wie die UNO, die Weltbank …

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