Coming Coup Against Trump

coup against trump

by Finian Cunningham/ Sputnik News The American backlash against President Trump over his summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been as ferocious as it was predictable. Every possible vilification has been thrown at him. But it is the slur of Trump as “traitor” that puts this president in grave danger. Democrats, Republicans, state intelligence pundits, hawkish …

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Donald Trump’s Kim Summit Yo-Yo ALEXANDER MERCOURIS


Donald Trump’s dithering over whether to meet Kim Jong-un damages the US’s leverage by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS May 27, 2018, 15:05463 Views The episode of the ‘on/off’ Kim-Trump summit provides a further stark example of the fact that Donald Trump, 16 months into his Presidency, remains an amateur. The first thing to say is that Donald Trump may have …

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JAMES JATRAS Is ‘Wrecking Ball’ Trump Undermining America’s Global Clout? Let’s Hope So!


JAMES GEORGE JATRAS | 18.05.2018 | FEATURED STORY Is ‘Wrecking Ball’ Trump Undermining America’s Global Clout? Let’s Hope So! However much Donald Trump’s loyal base in the United States continues to love him (while the other half of the American population loathes him), it’s safe to say that the overwhelming consensus among foreign leaders is one of …

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Syria Situation Becomes INVISIBLE


– through apparent efforts from both Presidents Putin and Trump All appears VERY QUIET in Syria, scarcely more than one week after media-dominating air and missile strikes, which runs counter to the gloom-and-doom narrative of 10 days ago by SERAPHIM HANISCHApril 24, 2018, 23:574.3K Views Share Tomahawk Block IV cruise missile during a flight test (US Navy) …

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A Dangerous Turn in US Foreign Policy Conn HALLINAN

US Agression

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 15.02.2018 A Dangerous Turn in US Foreign Policy Conn HALLINAN The Trump administration’s new National Defense Strategy is being touted as a sea change in U.S. foreign policy, a shift from the “war on terrorism” to “great power competition,” a line that would not be out of place in the years leading up …

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Trump at One Year: His Fate May Hang on What He Does Next About Immigration JAMES GEORGE JATRAS


 | 19.01.2018 | FEATURED STORY When in 2016 Donald Trump mugged the bipartisan political establishment in the United States, there were three issues that put him beyond the pale: Rejection of the globalist meddling, mindless confrontation with Russia, and interventionist wars of Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Bush Jr., and Barack Obama in favor of aAmerica First nationalism – …

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ALEXANDER MERCOURIS Evaluating One Year of Donald Trump’s Presidency


Donald Trump’s achievement: getting through his first year as President Trump successfully withstood the most sustained attempt to eject a newly elected President from office in US history by ALEXANDER MERCOURISJanuary 2, 2018, 21:173.6K Views 5Comments FacebooTwitter As 2018 begins Donald Trump has reason to be satisfied. He has survived his first year in much better shape politically …

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Ungewöhnliche Sicht: Thierry Meyssan zur Strategie der Nationalen Sicherheit von Donald Trump


“Spannung sollte nicht nur die Welt nicht mehr weiter bedrücken, sondern auch im Mittleren Osten zurückgehen.” (Thierry Meyssan) Im Gegensatz zu der nationalen Sicherheitsstrategie seiner Vorgänger gibt Präsident Donald Trump das Management der Weltangelegenheiten auf und stellt die Weichen für den wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Wiederaufstieg der Vereinigten Staaten. Dieses vollkommen kohärente Projekt bedeutet eine radikale …

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Paul Craig Roberts: Trump has surrendered to the real rulers of America Trump’s National Security Speech


Trump’s National Security Speech  Paul Craig Roberts dissects “Trump’s National Security Speech.” What do we make of Trump’s national security speech? First of all, it is the military/security complex’s speech, and it is inconsistent with Trump’s intention of normalizing relations with Russia. The military/security complex, using Trump’s position as President, has defined Russia and China as …

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