The Geographical Pivot is the Reset/ Iran will be full member of SCO

  Keiser Report The geographical pivot is the reset (E1740) On this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy examine the political theories of the ‘geographical pivot’ as it plays out 100 years later, as the Afghanistan war collapses into chaos. In the second half, Max chats to Dan Collins, a long-time resident of China, with …

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BRICS: Alternative to Future Battleground in Canada and the Arctics

Arctic Crisis

by Matthew Ehret February 9, 2021 The future battleground which Canada is being prepared to set up is to be found in the Arctic, Matthew Ehret writes. As relations between the USA and Russia continue to fall ever deeper into the abyss, and as China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to evolve deep into the …

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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation To Introduce ‘Mutual Settlement In National Currencies’ And Ditch US Dollar


 March 18, 2020Posted by Silk Road Briefing The eight-member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), including China, Russia, and India, have made the decision to conduct bilateral trade and investment and issue bonds in local and national currencies instead of US dollars. Details, a road map will be finalized and signed at SCO’s Finance Ministers’ …

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New Silk Road for US bloc ‘Threat of Peace’


Why the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc 4761 ViewsJanuary 26, 2020 11 Comments By Pepe Escobar posted with permission The Middle East is the key to wide-ranging, economic, interlinked integration, and peace Under the cascading roar of the 24/7 news cycle cum Twitter eruptions, it’s easy for most of the West, especially …

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New Silk Roads Merging into Greater Eurasia by Pepe Escobar


Russia is keen to push economic integration with parts of Asia and this fits in with China’s Belt and Road Initiative  (cross-posted with The Asia Times by special agreement with the author) The concept of Greater Eurasia has been discussed at the highest levels of Russian academia and policy-making for some time. This week the policy …

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The Petro-Yuan Bombshell by Pepe Escobar


The new 55-page “America First” National Security Strategy  (NSS), drafted over the course of 2017, defines Russia and China as “revisionist” powers, “rivals”, and for all practical purposes strategic competitors of the United States. The NSS stops short of defining Russia and China as enemies, allowing for an “attempt to build a great partnership with those and …

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Statement by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, New York, September 21, 2017


1689 ViewsSeptember 23, 2017 7 Comments   Distinguished Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Last December, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on “Promotion of a democratic and equitable international order”, which clearly stipulated the inadmissibility of interference into internal affairs of sovereign States, non-recognition of coups d’état as a method of change of power and …

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Patriotismus und Internationalismus sind keine Gegensätze Wider den “antideutschen” Ungeist


Ein Beitrag von Irene Eckert UFA in Bashkortostan. Das ist die Hauptstadt einer russischen Provinz von der jüngst weltpolitisch bedeutsame Signale ausgingen. Eine Bezugnahme auf die hoffnungsstiftende BRICS/SCO-Tagung im russischen UFA ist überfällig. Von den Mainstream-Medien wurde das zukunftsweisende Ereignis ausgespart. Volker Bräutigam erstattete dagegen dankenswerter Weise eine Programmbeschwerde. Ohne Gewahrsein der sich gewichtigen tektonischen …

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BRICS/SCO/EEU-Gipfel als wichtiger Meilenstein auf dem Weg zu einer neuen multipolaren Weltordnung


  Die auf Initiative der Russischen Föderation verbundenen Gipfeltreffen der BRICS, der Shanghai-Organisation und der Eurasischen Wirtschaftsunion haben zu einem Zusammenrücken in Zentral- und Ostasien geführt. Künftig sollen auch Indien und Pakistan stärker in die eurasische Zusammenarbeit eingebunden werden. Von westlichen Medien de facto totgeschwiegen, gilt das Treffen in Fachkreisen als bedeutender Schritt hin zu …

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