Saudi’s burgeoning relations with Israel could kill the two state solution in more ways than one by ADAM GARRIE


Saudi’s future is now tied in with that of Israel. This presents both new challenges, but also new opportunities for Palestine and its struggle against oppression. October 28, 2017, 17:09584 Views 3Comments FacebookTwitter The so-called “two state solution” for the ongoing crisis in the Levant has been nearly unanimously adopted by countries around the world, as well …

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Following Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, Iran has no option but to look to China and Russia


ALEXANDER MERCOURIS The extraordinary hostility towards Iran from the US and Saudi Arabia, creating the possibility of an attack on Iran and ending all question of the imminent lifting of sanctions, shows that Iran has no alternative other than to forge close links with China and Russia and the Eurasian institutions if its to ensure …

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Russo-Saudi Oil Agreement May Leave US Hawks Out in the Cold


News | 16.09.2015 | 23:04 If Russia and OPEC countries enter an alliance, the oil producing powers of the Middle East would significantly bolster the development of the China-led new Silk Road Economic Belt project, American-German economic researcher and historian F. William Engdahl suggests. “That project, to recall, is already well underway, and Russia and …

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U.S. on Wrong Side of History – Lining up with Dictatorial Gulf Monarchies by Bruce Gagnon


This is what it has all come down to…. the US and the corrupt, dictatorial Gulf monarchies meeting at Camp David Thursday and agreeing on a plan to flood the Middle East with ‘missile defense’ (MD) systems. These Gulf monarchies are the essential allies of the US in the world now (in addition to a …

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US-backed Criminal Slaughter in Yemen Revealed BY Finian CUNNINGHAM


22.04.2015 | 09:17 Former UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal Benomar, has given an undiplomatic assessment of the crisis in that country, in which he rhetorically explodes Saudi myths «justifying» the US-backed aerial bombing campaign. The Moroccan diplomat told media at the weekend that the ongoing conflict was a direct result of Houthi rebels having been …

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The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal: Oil-Gas Pipeline War On Iran, Syria And Russia By ​​​​F. William Engdahl


October 29, 2014 “ICH”* – The details are emerging of a new secret and quite stupid Saudi-US deal on Syria and the so-called IS. It involves oil and gas control of the entire region and the weakening of Russia and Iran by Saudi Arabian flooding the world market with cheap oil. Details were concluded in …

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Solidarität mit Rojavaye und mit Assad! Anti-Terrorkrieg nur über UN-Resolution 2178 erfolgverprechend!


Zur Rolle von Religion und Ideologie angesichts des Terrors des US-Imperiums von Irene Eckert Seit Ende September   setzen  die Amerikaner auch im Norden Syriens  Bomben ein, angeblich um den „Islamischen Staat”s- Terror der ISIL oder IS dort zu bekämpfen und die Kurden in Rojavaye vor dessen furchterregenden Übergriffen zu schützen. Ihre vorgeblichen Anti-Terror-Maßnahmen müssten als …

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Turkey, Saudi Arabia giving terrorists WMDs, Syria claims


News  October 12, 2014 19:38 Reuters/Umit BektasReuters/Umit Bektas/RT Syria’s UN envoy has accused Turkey and Saudi Arabia of giving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) to terrorist groups fighting in the country. The charge precedes reports Kurdish fighters battling ISIS militants have been attacked with chemical weapons. Bashar Jaafari told a UN committee on Friday that …

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