ALEXANDER MERCOURIS Evaluating One Year of Donald Trump’s Presidency


Donald Trump’s achievement: getting through his first year as President Trump successfully withstood the most sustained attempt to eject a newly elected President from office in US history by ALEXANDER MERCOURISJanuary 2, 2018, 21:173.6K Views 5Comments FacebooTwitter As 2018 begins Donald Trump has reason to be satisfied. He has survived his first year in much better shape politically …

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Paul Craig Roberts: Trump has surrendered to the real rulers of America Trump’s National Security Speech


Trump’s National Security Speech  Paul Craig Roberts dissects “Trump’s National Security Speech.” What do we make of Trump’s national security speech? First of all, it is the military/security complex’s speech, and it is inconsistent with Trump’s intention of normalizing relations with Russia. The military/security complex, using Trump’s position as President, has defined Russia and China as …

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President Zigzag by Robert Parry

president zigzag

October 6, 2017  Exclusive: President Trump boasts about his “zigzag” foreign policy as if inconsistency is an attribute in dealing with a fragile world, but his zigzagging endangers backchannel intermediaries handling outreach to North Korea, reports Robert Parry. Robert Parry President Trump’s bellicose speech to the United Nations General Assembly last month sparked a crisis for the behind-the-scenes …

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Furious China slams Trump’s UN speech on North Korea by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS


Global Times editorial says US President Trump’s UN speech endangers peace in Korean Peninsula September 21, 2017, 19:36376 Views 4Comments Global Times, the unofficial English language voice of the Chinese government, has published a strongly worded editorial which makes clear China’s strong disapproval of the comments about North Korea made by US President Trump during his recent speech at the UN …

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Global American Alliance System Running to Crisis Point ?


US President Donald Trump © Christopher Aluka Berry The International Isolation of Donald Trump  byDr. Sreeram Chaulia  Dr. Sreeram Chaulia is Professor and Dean at the Jindal School of International Affairs in Sonipat, India. His latest book is ‘Modi Doctrine: The Foreign Policy of India’s Prime Minister’. Published time: 17 Sep, 2017 16:09 Edited time: 17 …

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7-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-results-of-the-trump-putin-meeting by ADAM GARRIE


  It was a political victory for both Putin and Trump with possibly important short-term geo-political implications Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has given a detailed explanation of what was discussed during the meeting between himself, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Rex Tilleron. The meeting which was supposed to last for 35 minutes went on …

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What is Henry Kissinger Up To? Paul Craig Roberts

pc roberts

EDITOR’S CHOICE | 29.12.2016 The English language Russian news agency, Sputnik, reports that former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is advising US president-elect Donald Trump how to “bring the United States and Russia closer together to offset China’s military buildup.” If we take this report at face value, it tells us that Kissinger, an …

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A Blueprint for Donald Trump to Fix Relations with Russia A policy memo to the president-elect. Priority: high by Graham Allison and Dimitri K. Simes


A rare and Interesting US-”Realpolitik” take: EDITOR’S CHOICE | 20.12.2016 Graham Allison is Director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Dimitri K. Simes is president of The Center for the National Interest and publisher & CEO of The National Interest The two Chinese characters that make up the word …

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