President Zigzag by Robert Parry

president zigzag

October 6, 2017  Exclusive: President Trump boasts about his “zigzag” foreign policy as if inconsistency is an attribute in dealing with a fragile world, but his zigzagging endangers backchannel intermediaries handling outreach to North Korea, reports Robert Parry. Robert Parry President Trump’s bellicose speech to the United Nations General Assembly last month sparked a crisis for the behind-the-scenes …

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Zur nuklearen Krise auf der koreanischen Halbinsel

korea diplomacy

Diplomatie statt Krieg: Demonstranten fordern vor dem Weißen Haus in Washington Verhandlungen mit Pjöngjang (9.8.2017) Foto: Joshua Roberts/Reuters (siehe JW Ausgabe vom 20.09.2017, Seite 7 / Ausland) Kriegsgefahr auf der Koreanischen Halbinsel Lösung der Krise in Ostasien ist nur durch starke Friedensbewegung möglich/  weiterlesen : Titelbeitrag aus den schweizer Zeit-Fragen: vom 12. 09. 2017: Stellungnahme des …

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Furious China slams Trump’s UN speech on North Korea by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS


Global Times editorial says US President Trump’s UN speech endangers peace in Korean Peninsula September 21, 2017, 19:36376 Views 4Comments Global Times, the unofficial English language voice of the Chinese government, has published a strongly worded editorial which makes clear China’s strong disapproval of the comments about North Korea made by US President Trump during his recent speech at the UN …

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Russian-Chinese Joint Statement on Korean Conflict (full text and analysis)

kim korea

Kim Jong-un gets what he wants: By ALEANDER MERCOURIS 3 hours ago  Joint Russian-Chinese statement on Korean conflict recognises North Korea’s ‘justified concerns’, opposes military action, and effectively rules out across-the-board sanctions. Since this document is not easy to find, I set out the full text with the key points highlighted The Russian Federation and the People’s …

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Women Peace Marchers From 12 Different Countries Cross Minefields between North & South Korea


 By Maud Easter Women Against War supporting non-military ways of solving conflicts 2015 is the year to celebrate women peacemakers: the 100th anniversary of the International Congress of Women, when over 1000 wilpf foundingwomen came together in the Hague amidst the horrors of World War I to call for an end to militarism—and founded the …

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