Russian SPFS and Chinese CIPS Payment System; Global Consequences Quan Le/Pepe Escobar

FPFS & CIPS as explained by Pepe Escobar An excellent piece by Pepe Escobar giving details on the close collaboration between the Russian SPFS (System for Transfert of Financial Messaging and the Chinese CIPS (Cross-border Interbank Payment System). Not to mention the global geopolitical and geo-economical consequences examined in Escobar’s article. Just to remind some …

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Aborted Post War II Opportunities and How to Resurrect Hope. Reflections by Irene Eckert

Where there is danger, the healing forces are growing, too. Friedrich Schiller’s  more than 200 years old  ideas about the development of better notions, purer principles and customs more noble, promise healing from the infirmities of our own times. It was noble literature laureate Thomas Mann who expressed this view in 1955, when commemorating the …

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Escaping Cycles of Destruction by Leaping to a Multipolar Future Matthew Ehret

Matthew Ehret September 14, 2021 The Multipolar Alliance has demonstrated a profound understanding of the oncoming collapse and has made many maneuvers to establish a new financial, security, economic architecture, Matt Ehret writes. During the past weeks, the world saw Eurasian nations take great strides towards the inevitable creation of an alternative financial system capable of withstanding …

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The Geographical Pivot is the Reset/ Iran will be full member of SCO

  Keiser Report The geographical pivot is the reset (E1740) On this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy examine the political theories of the ‘geographical pivot’ as it plays out 100 years later, as the Afghanistan war collapses into chaos. In the second half, Max chats to Dan Collins, a long-time resident of China, with …

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The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East by Matthew Ehret


April 6, 2021 675Views 8Votes 5Comments Originally published on the Strategic Culture Foundation As the USA continues its lunge into the abyss of obsolescence, under the new Don Quixote-modelled leadership of Joe Biden, Russia and China have accelerated the next phase of Middle East reconstruction and stabilization this week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s March 24-30th Middle East …

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Trump tells Putin he wants to avoid three-way arms race with Russia & China


(AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski) 24 Jul, 2020 01:30  / Updated 18 hours ago Get short URL Follow RT on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump on Thursday held rare phone talks, which, in contrast with the current political narrative in the US, focused on cooperation and unity.   The talks revolved around strategic …

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We are all Stoics now By Pepe Escobar


from the saker 365 ViewsMarch 21, 2020 No Comments The Philosophical Silk Road as celebrated at an Italian airport: a meeting of Chinese and Greek/Latin stoicism Earlier this week a delegation of Chinese medics arrived at Malpensa airport near Milan from Shanghai on a special China Eastern flight carrying 400,000 masks and 17 tons of equipment. …

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New Silk Road for US bloc ‘Threat of Peace’


Why the New Silk Roads are a ‘threat’ to US bloc 4761 ViewsJanuary 26, 2020 11 Comments By Pepe Escobar posted with permission The Middle East is the key to wide-ranging, economic, interlinked integration, and peace Under the cascading roar of the 24/7 news cycle cum Twitter eruptions, it’s easy for most of the West, especially …

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Erfolgreicher Widerstand gegen die Kriegsgefahr erfordert 2018 die breitest mögliche Abwehrfront


Ein friedenspolitischer Rück- und Ausblick auf das Jahrhundertjahr des „Roten Oktober“ von Irene Eckert 1917 friedlicher Auftakt – beginnende Unterwanderung Am 7. November 1917 begann mit der Russischen Oktober-Revolution ein Epochenwechsel, dessen Geburtswehen noch andauern. Mit der Parole „Brot und Frieden“ zog sich die junge Sowjetmacht einseitig aus dem Gemetzel des Ersten Weltkrieges zurück. Das …

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German President Visits Moscow: Fostering Dialogue Between Russia and the West by ALEX GORKA |


27.10.2017  WORLD German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Germany and Russia needed to improve badly frayed bilateral relations. He met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on October 25. It was the first visit to Russia by a German president since 2010. Steinmeier pointed out that it was “very important” to establish dialogue with Moscow, in …

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