China, The New Bogey Man – Who is Benefiting?

China no Bogeyman

by Irene Eckert An  Open Letter to the FBI  in Search For  One to Blame for The  Lockdowns On January 10th  2021 an open letter to the FBI was published blaming the Chinese Communist Party for the presently worldwide lockdown policies.( The letter relies with a few exceptions   on Sino-phobic Main Stream Western Media. It does, …

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History is Falsified – A Small Example of a small Women’s Peace NGO by Irene Eckert

bertha von Suttner

Women’s International League, a once prestigeous women’s peace organisation, has been ‘gentrified’ in the terms of the Deep State and its gender oriented policies  after The Berlin Wall came down. I personally had been once instrumental in the early eighties of the last century  organizing the international STAR campaign to Stop The Arms Race. In …

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