Checkmate: Iran is spearheading a geopolitical sea change in West Asia

Benjamin Franklin once famously wrote to his fellow colonials: “Either we hang together or we hang separately.” Those words are just as true today as they were 270 years ago, for empires have always controlled by dividing their victims into regional tribal interests in order to be better conquered. While techniques have adapted to modern …

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Germany Moving Closer to the Russian-Chinese’s Multipolarism?

Will Germany Succeed in Detaching Itself From the Death Grip of the Anglo-American Empire? by Cynthia Chung September 26, 2021 As Germany moves ever closer to the Russian-Chinese’s multipolarism, will it succeed in avoiding the last squeeze from the Anglo-American Empire’s death grip? As Pepe Escobar eloquently put it in his essay “Requiem for an Empire: …

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The Geographical Pivot is the Reset/ Iran will be full member of SCO

  Keiser Report The geographical pivot is the reset (E1740) On this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy examine the political theories of the ‘geographical pivot’ as it plays out 100 years later, as the Afghanistan war collapses into chaos. In the second half, Max chats to Dan Collins, a long-time resident of China, with …

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How Iran Can Checkmate Trump by Eric Zuesse


January 7, 2020 © Photo: Wikimedia On Sunday morning 5 January 2020, the great investigative journalist and geostrategist Bernhard Horstmann headlined “Iraqi Parliament Expels Foreign Militaries From Iraq” and he reported that not only the parliament but also the nation’s Prime Minister (Abdel Mahdi) are demanding departure from Iraq of all foreign military forces, and that Iraq …

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Kein Krieg gegen den Iran!


Aufruf  Als Iranerinnen und Iraner, die seit längerer Zeit in Deutschland arbeiten und leben,  sich aktiv am gesellschaftlichen Leben beteiligen sowie dieses Land als ihre zweite Heimat betrachten, verfolgen wir mit größter Sorge und Betroffenheit die wachsende Gefahr eines Krieges gegen unsere angestammte iranische Heimat. Wir wenden uns an unsere deutschen Mitbürgerinnen und Mitbürger sowie an die deutsche …

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Israeli Criminality, Hubris in Syria Invites Catastrophe


FINIAN CUNNINGHAM | 22.01.2019 | WORLD / MIDDLE EAST| FEATURED STORY Israeli forces have shifted from a doctrine of “war by stealth” to openly declared aggression on its northern neighbor Syria. For two straight days, the Israelis bombarded Syria’s capital Damascus and its environs with dozens of air-launched cruise missiles. Many of the projectiles were reportedly intercepted by Russian-supplied air …

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BRICS-T And More To Come? Reflections by Pepe Escobar


So what will The Sanctioned supergroup do? 4529 ViewsAugust 20, 2018 12 Comments by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author) Trump’s solo act can’t compete with the hard rock presidents from the electric east Those were the days, during the Cold War 1960s and 1970s, when the earth was actually ruled by …

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WaPo’s Editorial War on Russia by Stephen LENDMAN


EDITOR’S CHOICE | 13.01.2018 The neocon Washington Post is a CIA house organ, serving its pure evil agenda, its targeted assassinations, its orchestrated color revolution attempts to topple foreign governments. William Blum once explained why they’ll never be a coup in Washington – because “there’s no American embassy there.” In its latest assault on Russia, the …

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Western Failure in Syria Brings About New Middle East Order By ALEX CHRISTOFOROU


Failure to destroy and balkanize Syria by western powers has led to a new Middle East order The end of the Syrian war is the beginning of a new Middle Eastern order. by ALEX CHRISTOFOROUNovember 29, 2017, 13:115.2K Views Russia’s 2015 intervention in Syria, at the invitation of the legitimate government in Damascus, disrupted sinister western plans …

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