The Art of Being a Spectacularly Misguided Oracle By Pepe Escobar

misguided oracle

1174 ViewsFebruary 22, 2021 4 Comments ´ first posted at Asia Times The late Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski for some time dispensed wisdom as an oracle of US foreign policy, side by side with the perennial Henry Kissinger – who, in vast swathes of the Global South, is regarded as nothing but a war criminal. Brzezinski …

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Ground-Control-Planet-Lockdown-Only-Test by Pepe Escobar

ground control

Ground Control (to Major Tom)* April 2, 2020 © Photo: As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations. Those against it argue Planet Lockdown …

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The World Amidst Coronavirus Hysteria and Beyond – Response to Y.N.Harari (FT) by Irene Eckert

Don't Freak out

“NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE”1   The World Amidst Coronavirus Hysteria and Beyond – Response to Y.N.Harari (FT) by Irene Eckert Times of crisis in a business sector can often lead to an overall improvement in the community. Weaker entrants often leave the game …Those that remain therefore have reduced competition ..3   Citizen …

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Democracies’ Covid-19 Cures Worse Than Disease? Asia Times (Hongkong)

Asia Times

    As the EU and US lock down, stifling freedoms and commerce, they overlook how a fellow democracy successfully countered Covid-19   By ANDREW SALMONMARCH 18, 2020   Workers disinfect a pavement in a near-deserted Venice, Italy. Photo: AFP Remarkable and frightening events are underway across Europe and the United States. Under the banner of …

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DEFENDER-Europe 20 mit reduziertem Truppenumfang wegen Corona


Die Verbreitung des Corona-Virus in Europa hat auch Auswirkungen auf die multinationale Verlegeübung DEFENDER-Europe 20. Nach aktuellen Angaben des USUnited States-Hauptquartiers USAREUR in Wiesbaden soll die Verlegeoperation unterbrochen und der Umfang der an der Übung beteiligten USUnited States-Streitkräfte reduziert werden. Die USUnited States geführte Übung DEFENDER-Europe 20 wird wegen der Ausbreitung des Corona-Virus eingeschränkt. Aus Fürsorgegründen wird zunächst die …

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Warum der Aufstieg Chinas friedenspolitisch wichtig ist. Irene Eckert


„Der Aufstieg der VR China zu einer erstrangigen Weltmacht in den kommenden Jahrzehnten bedeutet aus heutiger Sicht keine Gefahr, sondern einen … Gewinn für die Sicherung und Festigung des Weltfriedens.“ Prof. Helmut. Peters (2005)1 Beitrag von Irene Eckert 16. Oktober 2019 Allen Unkenrufen aus dem imperialen Amerika und allen Zweifeln aus dem links-grünen Lager zum Trotz …

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Trump and the Gordian Knot, Year Two


PATRICK ARMSTRONG | 09.03.2019 | FEATURED STORY About a year ago I advanced the theory that US President Trump understood that the only way to “Make American Great Again” was to disentangle it from the imperial mission that had it stuck in perpetual wars. I concluded that his statements implied that he believed that 1) the post 9/11 …

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The Multipolar Revolution Is Changing The World

america first

FEDERICO PIERACCINI | 07.03.2019 | WORLD / AMERICAS ‘America First’: A Stronger Monroe Doctrine The previous articles (first, second) examined what appears to be a coordinated strategy between Moscow and Beijing to contain the damage wrought by the United States around the world. This strategy’s effectiveness relies heavily on the geographical position of the two countries vis-a-vis the United States and …

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The Venezuela Phase of US Global Demise


FINIAN CUNNINGHAM | 06.02.2019 | SECURITY / WAR AND CONFLICT| WORLD / AMERICAS “The end of America’s unchallenged global economic dominance has arrived sooner than expected,” wrote US political economist Michael Hudson in a recent cogent essay. Hudson goes on to point out with copious irony how the “end of US monetary imperialism” has been accelerated by a rightwing former real estate magnate, President …

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