The Great Reset: ‘History of a Managerial Revolution’

The Great Reset: How a ‘Managerial Revolution’ Was Plotted 80 Years Ago by a Trotskyist-turned-CIA Neocon  Cynthia Chung September 17, 2021 The roots of the Great Reset agenda can very clearly be traced back to 80 years ago, when James Burnham, wrote a book on his vision for “The Managerial Revolution,” Cynthia Chung writes. Klaus …

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How China’s Gorbachev (Ziao Ziyang) Was Flushed in 1989 by Matth Ehret

August 18, 2021 © Photo: Public domain Next time you hear that China is the cause of your problems, take a step back and ask yourself why Soros isn’t allowed into their country, even though he is running yours. To this day, many people are still unclear as to the nefarious role that Hungarian mega …

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The Clash of Two Americas -Unfinished Symphony by Matthew Ehret (Review David William Pear)

Matthew Ehret, with contributions from Cynthia Chung, has written a much-needed book about the early history of the United States of America.  The title of the book is The Clash of Two Americas, the Unfinished Symphony.  It is volume 1 of a planned series.  This essay is based on the book. The “Clash of Two America” …

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The Multipolar Alliance as the Last Line of Defense of the UN Charter by Matthew Ehret

mullgtipolar postpandemic order

July 1, 2021 For the enclosed videos click here, were the text was published first. The question should be asked: was FDR’s intention to dismantle the British Empire only a ruse to create the Anglo-American special relationship in a new US-led reconquest of the world, or was his plan genuine? “They who seek to establish …

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An amazing historian draws the line between past and future Matt Ehret

Matt Ehret

  How the British Reconquered the USA: One New Radio with Mathew Ehret and Patrick Timpon Renaissance,Venice and Dutch banker, King Louis XXI, Henry 7th, the Jesuits, the Thirty Years War, the  Westphalian Peace, the importance of key individuals in history, the continuity of oligarchic families,  murder  of Alexander Hamilton, the “American System of …

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International Women’s Day 2021: Edith Ballantyne on Women and Peace

Edith Ballantyne

Thank-you very much Edith, for this gracious gift for  International Women’s Day 2021 Edith Ballantyne on Women and Peace Posted on 6 March 2021 Edith Ballantyne, fast approaching her centenary, has invested much of her life in advancing policies essential to a world free of injustice, patriarchy, militarization and market-driven neo-liberalism that favours the wealthy, is disastrous for …

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