Flying Dragon, Crashing Eagle by Pepe Escobar


Bild: 2020-11-25BY FINANZ.DK 6573 ViewsNovember 23, 2020 16 Comments posted by The Saker   by Pepe Escobar and first posted at Asia Times Four geoeconomic summits compressed in one week tell the story of where we stand in these supremely dystopian times. The (virtual) signing of RCEP in Vietnam was followed by the equally virtual BRICS meeting hosted by Moscow, the APEC …

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G20 Summit: Bye-Bye American Empire!

G20 A

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM | 30.11.2018 G20 Summit, Top Agenda Item: Bye-Bye American Empire The G20 summits are nominally about how the world’s biggest national economies can cooperate to boost global growth. This year’s gathering – more than ever – shows, however, that rivalry between the US and China is center stage. Zeroing in further still, the rivalry …

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G20 – Wer demonstrierte da gegen wen? Andreas Wehr 


Zu den angekündigten Protesten gegen die G20 – Eine Antwort nicht nur auf Lucas Zeise Am 7./8. Juli 2017 findet der Gipfel der Staats- und Regierungschefs der Gruppe der Zwanzig (G20) in Hamburg statt. Deutschland hat in diesem Jahr den Vorsitz inne und ist daher Gastgeber. Im vergangenen Jahr traf man sich im chinesischen Hangzhou …

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G20 – Is the West Governed by Psychopaths? by Peter Koenig


“Welcome to Hell!” is the slogan with which G20 protesters greet the self-appointed leaders of the world to their summit on 7 and 8 July 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, under Madame Merkel’s auspices to discuss the calamities of our globe and how to resolve them. Never mind that the distress of Mother Earth has been …

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