Putin Speaks

PATRICK LAWRENCE: Putin Speaks December 28, 2021 Merken As the Russian president’s year-end presser helped underscore, Europe will increasingly understand itself as the western end of Eurasia rather than the eastern shore of the Atlantic. By Patrick Lawrence Special to Consortium News https://consortiumnews.com/2021/12/28/patrick-lawrence-putin-speaks/ Vladimir Putin was “defiant” during his end-of-year press conference last Thursday. The Russian president, …

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Biden’s Upcoming Democracy Summit Chokes on Unipolar Hypocrisy  Matthew Ehret

December 1, 2021 To the degree that techno-feudal wind-up dolls continue to promote “democracy” while demanding that the world remain firmly under the heel of a unipolar hegemon, then no “democracy summit” will be worth anything. The consequence of many decades of terrible ideas has now begun to impose its full weight upon the unipolar …

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The Strategic Reality of the Collapsing Trans Atlantic System – A Canadian Point of View

Mark Carney, Strategic Reality, Collapsing Trans Atlantic System Matthew Ehret Aug 25 The uncomfortable fact which too many commentators tend to run away from out of fear, ignorance or intellectual dishonesty, is that the world financial system is sitting on the verge of a global financial meltdown of a $1.2 quadrillion derivatives time bomb which …

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Ukraine redux: war, Russophobia and Pipelineistan By Pepe Escobar,


1201 ViewsApril 07, 2021 3 Comments  first posted at Asia Times Ukraine and Russia may be on the brink of war – with dire consequences for the whole of Eurasia. Let’s cut to the chase, and plunge head-on into the fog of war. On March 24, Ukrainian President Zelensky, for all practical purposes, signed a declaration of war against …

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Bürgerkrieg in den USA unvermeidlich?


Der Bürgerkrieg wird unvermeidlich in den USA Jetzt sind wir soweit: Die Katastrophe, die seit dreißig Jahren vorherzusehen ist, zeichnet sich ab. Die USA bewegen sich unaufhaltsam auf Abspaltung und Bürgerkrieg zu. von Thierry Meyssan 26. Dezember 2020 Das Problem ist nun nicht mehr, wer rechtmäßig zum Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten gewählt wurde, sondern wie …

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The American-led world system is experiencing setbacks at every turn. 


Seven Days of Failures for the American Empire  Federico Pieraccini 1,859 Views Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation: On November 25, two artillery boats of the Gyurza-M class, the Berdiansk and Nikopol, one tugboat, the Yany Kapu, as well as 24 crew members of the Ukrainian Navy, including two SBU counterintelligence officers, were detained by Russian border forces. In …

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