Cynthia Chung Warning Against a Real Media War Over banning some RT German Channels

Will Germany Succeed in Detaching Itself From the Death Grip of the Anglo-American Empire? Cynthia Chung Sep 30 [Since the publishing of this article German elections have taken place, the FDP and the Greens are considered kingmakers, and a three-party coalition has been discussed as a likely outcome. Within days, the first controversy has …

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Germany Moving Closer to the Russian-Chinese’s Multipolarism?

Will Germany Succeed in Detaching Itself From the Death Grip of the Anglo-American Empire? by Cynthia Chung September 26, 2021 As Germany moves ever closer to the Russian-Chinese’s multipolarism, will it succeed in avoiding the last squeeze from the Anglo-American Empire’s death grip? As Pepe Escobar eloquently put it in his essay “Requiem for an Empire: …

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Russia ‘would really not want’ Cold War 2. By Pepe Escobar


655 ViewsApril 09, 2021 No Comments The Triple Yoda, Nikolai Patrushev, hopes cooler heads can avoid sanctions such as the SWIFT ‘nuclear option’ By Pepe Escobar  first posted at Asia Times 2nd The Beltway was always fond of describing the late Andrew Marshall – who identified emerging or future threats for the Pentagon and whose proteges included Dick …

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The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East by Matthew Ehret


April 6, 2021 675Views 8Votes 5Comments Originally published on the Strategic Culture Foundation As the USA continues its lunge into the abyss of obsolescence, under the new Don Quixote-modelled leadership of Joe Biden, Russia and China have accelerated the next phase of Middle East reconstruction and stabilization this week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s March 24-30th Middle East …

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25. April “Elbe-Friedens-Tag”: Bäume pflanzen – Veteranen ehren – den Planeten retten

American and Russian Troops Meeting at Elbe River

Der 25. April markiert den 76. Jahrestag der historischen Begegnung amerikanischer und russischer  Soldaten an der Elbe bei Torgau. Soldaten der Roten Armee und der US-Streitkräfte reichten sich voller Vorfreude auf den Frieden die Hände. Unter normalen Umständen wurde der Jahrestag dieses historischen Ereignisses alljährlich gefeiert. Ein Ende des Krieges, die Überwindung des Hitler-Regimes, freundschaftliche …

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May Peace Prevail: Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future


Putin’s Vision for an Anti-Fascist/Open System Future and You Matthew Ehret Mar 9 During the course of a recent speech held at a Moscow Parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of WWII, the following call to action was made by Russia’s leader: “We understand how important it is to strengthen friendship and trust between nations, and are open to …

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Trump tells Putin he wants to avoid three-way arms race with Russia & China


(AFP Photo/Brendan Smialowski) 24 Jul, 2020 01:30  / Updated 18 hours ago Get short URL Follow RT on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump on Thursday held rare phone talks, which, in contrast with the current political narrative in the US, focused on cooperation and unity.   The talks revolved around strategic …

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Donald Trump’s Kim Summit Yo-Yo ALEXANDER MERCOURIS


Donald Trump’s dithering over whether to meet Kim Jong-un damages the US’s leverage by ALEXANDER MERCOURIS May 27, 2018, 15:05463 Views The episode of the ‘on/off’ Kim-Trump summit provides a further stark example of the fact that Donald Trump, 16 months into his Presidency, remains an amateur. The first thing to say is that Donald Trump may have …

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The Contrasting Russian/Chinese vs. US models for Geo-Economic Diplomacy by ADAM GARRIE

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in attend a meeting during the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister’s speech in South Korea is a clear illustration of Russia and China’s diplomatic methodology which contrasts diametrically with that of the US. November 27, 2017, 15:121.6K Views Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov has spoken at length about Russia’s peace plan for the Korean peninsula while at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion …

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