The Limits of Chinese Power by Pepe Escobar

PEPE ESCOBAR • OCTOBER 8, 2020  • 1,700 WORDS • 224 COMMENTS • Share Email PrintThe Limits of Chi More  RSS   Everything about US-China hinges on the result of the upcoming US presidential election. Trump 2.0 essentially would turbo-charge its bet on decoupling, aiming to squeeze “malign” China on a multiple Hybrid War front, undermine the Chinese trade surplus, co-opt large swathes of …

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Flying Dragon, Crashing Eagle by Pepe Escobar


Bild: 2020-11-25BY FINANZ.DK 6573 ViewsNovember 23, 2020 16 Comments posted by The Saker   by Pepe Escobar and first posted at Asia Times Four geoeconomic summits compressed in one week tell the story of where we stand in these supremely dystopian times. The (virtual) signing of RCEP in Vietnam was followed by the equally virtual BRICS meeting hosted by Moscow, the APEC …

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Pepe Escobar “What Did U.S. Intel Really Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus?

xi visit

April 21, 2020 © Photo: REUTERS/Tom Brenner Hybrid War 2.0 on China, a bipartisan U.S. operation, is already reaching fever pitch. Its 24/7 full spectrum infowar arm blames China for everything coronavirus-related – doubling as a diversionist tactic against any informed criticism of woeful American unpreparedness. Hysteria predictably reigns. And this is just the beginning. A …

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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation To Introduce ‘Mutual Settlement In National Currencies’ And Ditch US Dollar


 March 18, 2020Posted by Silk Road Briefing The eight-member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), including China, Russia, and India, have made the decision to conduct bilateral trade and investment and issue bonds in local and national currencies instead of US dollars. Details, a road map will be finalized and signed at SCO’s Finance Ministers’ …

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We are all Stoics now By Pepe Escobar


from the saker 365 ViewsMarch 21, 2020 No Comments The Philosophical Silk Road as celebrated at an Italian airport: a meeting of Chinese and Greek/Latin stoicism Earlier this week a delegation of Chinese medics arrived at Malpensa airport near Milan from Shanghai on a special China Eastern flight carrying 400,000 masks and 17 tons of equipment. …

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China Locked in Hybrid War with US By Pepe Escobar

china:US:Hybrid War

The fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak puts Beijing and Washington on a collision course, writes Pepe Escobar. March 18, 2020 • 15 Comments The Asia Times   Among the myriad, earth-shattering geopolitical effects of coronavirus, one is already graphically evident. China has re-positioned itself. For the first time since the start of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms in 1978, Beijing …

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No Weapon Left Behind: The American Hybrid War on China by Pepe Escobar


507 ViewsFebruary 22, 2020 No Comments Posted with permission and x-posted with Strategic Culture Foundation The New Silk Roads – or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – were launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013, first in Central Asia (Nur-Sultan) and then Southeast Asia (Jakarta). One year later, the Chinese economy overtook the U.S. on a PPP …

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Solidarität und Dank dem chinesischen Volk für Einkreisung des teuflischen 2019-nC0V-Virus von Irene Eckert

flying bat

Kampf dem ‘Wuhan-Fledermaus’-Syndrom! 1 Wenn es jemals in der Welt eine bewiesene und geprüfte Geschichte gab, dann die der Vampire. Es fehlt an nichts: offizielle Berichte, Zeugenaussagen von Gewährspersonen, von Chirurgen, von Priestern, von Richtern: die Beweise sind vollständig. Doch abgesehen von all dem, wer glaubt schon an Vampire?“ Jean-Jacques Rousseau2 ‘Patient’ China? Seit am 31. Dezember …

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