The Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance Ushers in a New Hope for the Middle East by Matthew Ehret


April 6, 2021 675Views 8Votes 5Comments Originally published on the Strategic Culture Foundation As the USA continues its lunge into the abyss of obsolescence, under the new Don Quixote-modelled leadership of Joe Biden, Russia and China have accelerated the next phase of Middle East reconstruction and stabilization this week with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s March 24-30th Middle East …

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China’s History, Political-economy and Culture

china's culture

Deaktivieren für: Englisch A Journey with Jeff J. Brown Through China’s History, Political-economy and Culture An RTF Dialogue In our first official Rising Tide Foundation Podcast, Cynthia Chung and I had the good fortune to interview China Rising Radio’s Jeff J. Brown on all things China. In this extensive discussion, Jeff goes through the historic …

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China and Russia: The New Guarantors for Justice By Matthew Ehret

Mutual Support

In the Face of a Self-Cannibalizing West March 28, 20211.1kViews 5VotesComments Share China and Russia have made it absolutely clear that they recognize the sad fact that the oligarchy in firm control of the western alliance is adamantly intent on burning all possible diplomatic avenues of cooperation and dialogue as the Hindenburg of the western financial …

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Gemeinsame Erklärung der Außenminister der Volksrepublik China und der Russischen Föderation

d Militärpakt?

Wir übernehmen von der Gesellschaft zum Schutz von Bürgerrecht und Menschenwürde e.V. Die Gemeinsame Erklärung der Außenminister der Volksrepublik China und der Russischen Föderation zu einigen Fragen der Global Governance unter aktuellen Bedingungen Die andauernde Corona-Pandemie hat Änderungen in der Weltordnung hervorgerufen und die Unausgewogenheit der Global Governance weiter verschärft. Die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung wurde Gefahren …

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China, The New Bogey Man – Who is Benefiting?

China no Bogeyman

by Irene Eckert An  Open Letter to the FBI  in Search For  One to Blame for The  Lockdowns On January 10th  2021 an open letter to the FBI was published blaming the Chinese Communist Party for the presently worldwide lockdown policies.( The letter relies with a few exceptions   on Sino-phobic Main Stream Western Media. It does, …

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The Art of Being a Spectacularly Misguided Oracle By Pepe Escobar

misguided oracle

1174 ViewsFebruary 22, 2021 4 Comments ´ first posted at Asia Times The late Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski for some time dispensed wisdom as an oracle of US foreign policy, side by side with the perennial Henry Kissinger – who, in vast swathes of the Global South, is regarded as nothing but a war criminal. Brzezinski …

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Rainer Rupp: Kommendes Militärbündnis China -Russland?

d Militärpakt?

Quelle: Reuters © SputnikReuter/SputnikEnge Verbündete? (Symbolbild) RusStrat: China bietet Russland offizielles Militärbündnis an 10 Feb. 2021 16:51 Uhr Nachdem sich die “strategische Partnerschaft” zwischen Peking und Moskau viele Jahre bewährte, wäre ein Militärbündnis die logische Fortsetzung der immer enger gewordenen politischen, wirtschaftlichen und militärischen Kooperation und Abstimmungen zwischen den beiden Ländern. Laut dem Moskauer Institut für …

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BRICS: Alternative to Future Battleground in Canada and the Arctics

Arctic Crisis

by Matthew Ehret February 9, 2021 The future battleground which Canada is being prepared to set up is to be found in the Arctic, Matthew Ehret writes. As relations between the USA and Russia continue to fall ever deeper into the abyss, and as China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to evolve deep into the …

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China Espionage Scandals and The New Cold War by Matthew Ehret

mathew Ehret

  Today’s China Espionage Scandals Revive the Gouzenko Hoax That Unleashed the Cold War Today, a new coordinated psychological operation has been sprung to convince every living patriot across the Five Eyes sphere of influence that the enemy of the free world who lurks behind every conspiracy to overthrow governments, and western values is…China. Over …

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