The COVID-19 Lockdown: Economic & Social Impacts – Peter Koenig

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 The Global Research Report July 24, 2020 on Reddit Visit Direct Link This video summarizes, with some detail and references, the planned globalization and its attendant horrors for most of the world’s unwitting populations. This plan, executed by an oligarchic and, most probably psychopathic, few who in their ignorance have seen fit to attempt to fashion …

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Maskenball – Eine Satire von Irene Eckert


Bild: Piet Meyer   Auf, auf zum Tanz, zum Tanz*.   Verhülle dein Antlitz. Atme tief und erfreue dich am allgegenwärtigen, duftenden Mundnasenschmucktuch. Das zum Frohsein befreiende Impfplättchen wird bald für noch mehr heitere Ausgelassenheit sorgen. Bill und Melinda arbeiten schon mit Hochdruck daran. Ihr selbstloser Einsatz für das menschheitsbeglückende Projekt verdient höchste Anerkennung. Schicken wir …

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The City in a Time of Plague By PEPE ESCOBAR


Ambrogio Lorenzetti ‘s Allegory of Bad Government (1338), fresco in the town hall of Siena, Italy. Photo public domain History teaches us that epidemics are more like revelatory moments than social transformers APRIL 17, 2020 The plague-stricken town, traversed throughout with hierarchy, surveillance, observation, writing; the town immobilized by the functioning of an extensive power …

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Pepe Escobar “What Did U.S. Intel Really Know About the ‘Chinese’ Virus?

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April 21, 2020 © Photo: REUTERS/Tom Brenner Hybrid War 2.0 on China, a bipartisan U.S. operation, is already reaching fever pitch. Its 24/7 full spectrum infowar arm blames China for everything coronavirus-related – doubling as a diversionist tactic against any informed criticism of woeful American unpreparedness. Hysteria predictably reigns. And this is just the beginning. A …

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P. Escobar: Heraclitus May Teach Us To Fight Covid 19


Heraclitus, Hendrick ter Brugghen, 1628. Photo: AFP ‘It is disease that makes health sweet and good’ 3035 ViewsApril 06, 2020 24 Comments by Pepe Escobar  How Heraclitus, the Riddler, may teach us to fight Covid-19 He was known as “the Riddler.” Even “the Dark.”  Heraclitus of Ephesus was one of a kind. In his heart of hearts …

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Ground-Control-Planet-Lockdown-Only-Test by Pepe Escobar

ground control

Ground Control (to Major Tom)* April 2, 2020 © Photo: As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations. Those against it argue Planet Lockdown …

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The World Amidst Coronavirus Hysteria and Beyond – Response to Y.N.Harari (FT) by Irene Eckert

Don't Freak out

“NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE”1    Times of crisis in a business sector can often lead to an overall improvement in the community. Weaker entrants often leave the game …Those that remain therefore have reduced competition ..3   Citizen Empowerment Versus Democratic Rights We face two choices: between „totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment“ …

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COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War by Joe Lauria, Consortium News

Wrong War

COVID-19: Prepared for the Wrong War In the War of the Worlds a microorganism felled the Martian invaders that the U.S. military (in Orson Welles’ version) could not defeat. The U.S. may dominate the world, but no army threatens its demise, says Joe Lauria. _______________________________________________________________________________________ From Paris a CN Live! Documentary: ‘A Day With the Yellow …

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